Israel Shuly Wintner, University of Haifa | UK Sharon Goldwater, University of Edinburgh | Germany Stefan Riezler, Heidelberg University  
Gothenburg, Sweden 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 14th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics
[E14-1000]: Israel Shuly Wintner, University of Haifa | UK Sharon Goldwater, University of Edinburgh | Germany Stefan Riezler, Heidelberg University

Pdf Export Search Improving Word Alignment Using Linguistic Code Switching Data
[E14-1001]: Fei Huang | Alexander Yates

Pdf Export Search Undirected Machine Translation with Discriminative Reinforcement Learning
[E14-1002]: Andrea Gesmundo | James Henderson

Pdf Export Search Minimum Translation Modeling with Recurrent Neural Networks
[E14-1003]: Yuening Hu | Michael Auli | Qin Gao | Jianfeng Gao

Pdf Export Search Maximizing Component Quality in Bilingual Word-Aligned Segmentations
[E14-1004]: Spyros Martzoukos | Christof Monz | Christophe Costa Florencio

Pdf Export Search A Joint Model for Quotation Attribution and Coreference Resolution
[E14-1005]: Mariana S. C. Almeida | Miguel B. Almeida | André F. T. Martins

Pdf Export Search A Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Unsupervised Induction of Script Knowledge
[E14-1006]: Lea Frermann | Ivan Titov | Manfred Pinkal

Pdf Export Search Inducing Example-based Semantic Frames from a Massive Amount of Verb Uses
[E14-1007]: Daisuke Kawahara | Daniel Peterson | Octavian Popescu | Martha Palmer

Pdf Export Search Automated Verb Sense Labelling Based on Linked Lexical Resources
[E14-1008]: Kostadin Cholakov | Judith Eckle-Kohler | Iryna Gurevych

Pdf Export Search Multi-Granular Aspect Aggregation in Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis
[E14-1009]: John Pavlopoulos | Ion Androutsopoulos

Pdf Export Search Simple, Robust and (almost) Unsupervised Generation of Polarity Lexicons for Multiple Languages
[E14-1010]: Iñaki San Vicente | Rodrigo Agerri | German Rigau

Pdf Export Search Mapping Dialectal Variation by Querying Social Media
[E14-1011]: Gabriel Doyle

Pdf Export Search Modeling the Use of Graffiti Style Features to Signal Social Relations within a Multi-Domain Learning Paradigm
[E14-1012]: Mario Piergallini | A. Seza Doğruöz | Phani Gadde | David Adamson | Carolyn Rose

Pdf Export Search Modelling the Lexicon in Unsupervised Part of Speech Induction
[E14-1013]: Gregory Dubbin | Phil Blunsom

Pdf Export Search Generalizing a Strongly Lexicalized Parser using Unlabeled Data
[E14-1014]: Tejaswini Deoskar | Christos Christodoulopoulos | Alexandra Birch | Mark Steedman

Pdf Export Search Special Techniques for Constituent Parsing of Morphologically Rich Languages
[E14-1015]: Zsolt Szántó | Richárd Farkas

Pdf Export Search Leveraging Verb-Argument Structures to Infer Semantic Relations
[E14-1016]: Eduardo Blanco | Dan Moldovan

Pdf Export Search Structured and Unstructured Cache Models for SMT Domain Adaptation
[E14-1017]: Annie Louis | Bonnie Webber

Pdf Export Search Regularized Structured Perceptron: A Case Study on Chinese Word Segmentation, POS Tagging and Parsing
[E14-1018]: Kaixu Zhang | Jinsong Su | Changle Zhou

Pdf Export Search About Inferences in a Crowdsourced Lexical-Semantic Network
[E14-1019]: Mathieu Lafourcade | Manel Zarrouk | Alain Joubert

Pdf Export Search Incremental Query Generation
[E14-1020]: Laura Perez-Beltrachini | Claire Gardent | Enrico Franconi

Pdf Export Search PARADIGM: Paraphrase Diagnostics through Grammar Matching
[E14-1021]: Jonathan Weese | Juri Ganitkevitch | Chris Callison-Burch

Pdf Export Search Translation memory retrieval methods
[E14-1022]: Michael Bloodgood | Benjamin Strauss

Pdf Export Search Frame Semantic Tree Kernels for Social Network Extraction from Text
[E14-1023]: Apoorv Agarwal | Sriramkumar Balasubramanian | Anup Kotalwar | Jiehan Zheng | Owen Rambow

Pdf Export Search Statistical Script Learning with Multi-Argument Events
[E14-1024]: Karl Pichotta | Raymond Mooney

Pdf Export Search Improving Distributional Semantic Vectors through Context Selection and Normalisation
[E14-1025]: Tamara Polajnar | Stephen Clark

Pdf Export Search Source-side Preordering for Translation using Logistic Regression and Depth-first Branch-and-Bound Search
[E14-1026]: Laura Jehl | Adrià de Gispert | Mark Hopkins | Bill Byrne

Pdf Export Search Incremental Bayesian Learning of Semantic Categories
[E14-1027]: Lea Frermann | Mirella Lapata

Pdf Export Search Word Ordering with Phrase-Based Grammars
[E14-1028]: Adrià de Gispert | Marcus Tomalin | Bill Byrne

Pdf Export Search Iterative Constrained Clustering for Subjectivity Word Sense Disambiguation
[E14-1029]: Cem Akkaya | Janyce Wiebe | Rada Mihalcea

Pdf Export Search Identifying fake Amazon reviews as learning from crowds
[E14-1030]: Tommaso Fornaciari | Massimo Poesio

Pdf Export Search Assessing the relative reading level of sentence pairs for text simplification
[E14-1031]: Sowmya Vajjala | Detmar Meurers

Pdf Export Search Subcategorisation Acquisition from Raw Text for a Free Word-Order Language
[E14-1032]: Will Roberts | Markus Egg | Valia Kordoni

Pdf Export Search Classifying Temporal Relations with Simple Features
[E14-1033]: Paramita Mirza | Sara Tonelli

Pdf Export Search Using idiolects and sociolects to improve word prediction
[E14-1034]: Wessel Stoop | Antal van den Bosch

Pdf Export Search Dynamic Topic Adaptation for Phrase-based MT
[E14-1035]: Eva Hasler | Phil Blunsom | Philipp Koehn | Barry Haddow

Pdf Export Search Deterministic Parsing using PCFGs
[E14-1036]: Mark-Jan Nederhof | Martin McCaffery

Pdf Export Search Empirically-motivated Generalizations of CCG Semantic Parsing Learning Algorithms
[E14-1037]: Jesse Glass | Alexander Yates

Pdf Export Search Correcting Grammatical Verb Errors
[E14-1038]: Alla Rozovskaya | Dan Roth | Vivek Srikumar

Pdf Export Search Fast Statistical Parsing with Parallel Multiple Context-Free Grammars
[E14-1039]: Krasimir Angelov | Peter Ljunglöf

Pdf Export Search Sentiment Propagation via Implicature Constraints
[E14-1040]: Lingjia Deng | Janyce Wiebe

Pdf Export Search Acquisition of Noncontiguous Class Attributes from Web Search Queries
[E14-1041]: Marius Pasca

Pdf Export Search Learning from Post-Editing: Online Model Adaptation for Statistical Machine Translation
[E14-1042]: Michael Denkowski | Chris Dyer | Alon Lavie

Pdf Export Search Predicting and Characterising User Impact on Twitter
[E14-1043]: Vasileios Lampos | Nikolaos Aletras | Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro | Trevor Cohn

Pdf Export Search A Knowledge-based Representation for Cross-Language Document Retrieval and Categorization
[E14-1044]: Marc Franco-Salvador | Paolo Rosso | Roberto Navigli

Pdf Export Search Dependency Tree Abstraction for Long-Distance Reordering in Statistical Machine Translation
[E14-1045]: Chenchen Ding | Yuki Arase

Pdf Export Search Improving the Lexical Function Composition Model with Pathwise Optimized Elastic-Net Regression
[E14-1046]: Jiming Li | Marco Baroni | Georgiana Dinu

Pdf Export Search Is Machine Translation Getting Better over Time?
[E14-1047]: Yvette Graham | Timothy Baldwin | Alistair Moffat | Justin Zobel

Pdf Export Search Learning Dictionaries for Named Entity Recognition using Minimal Supervision
[E14-1048]: Arvind Neelakantan | Michael Collins

Pdf Export Search Improving Vector Space Word Representations Using Multilingual Correlation
[E14-1049]: Manaal Faruqui | Chris Dyer

Pdf Export Search Using Distributional Similarity of Multi-way Translations to Predict Multiword Expression Compositionality
[E14-1050]: Bahar Salehi | Paul Cook | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Word Embeddings through Hellinger PCA
[E14-1051]: Rémi Lebret | Ronan Collobert

Pdf Export Search A Latent Variable Model for Discourse-aware Concept and Entity Disambiguation
[E14-1052]: Angela Fahrni | Michael Strube

Pdf Export Search Topical PageRank: A Model of Scientific Expertise for Bibliographic Search
[E14-1053]: James Jardine | Simone Teufel

Pdf Export Search Distributional Lexical Entailment by Topic Coherence
[E14-1054]: Laura Rimell

Pdf Export Search Information Structure Prediction for Visual-world Referring Expressions
[E14-1055]: Micha Elsner | Hannah Rohde | Alasdair Clarke

Pdf Export Search Machine Reading Tea Leaves: Automatically Evaluating Topic Coherence and Topic Model Quality
[E14-1056]: Jey Han Lau | David Newman | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search What Substitutes Tell Us - Analysis of an "All-Words" Lexical Substitution Corpus
[E14-1057]: Gerhard Kremer | Katrin Erk | Sebastian Padó | Stefan Thater

Pdf Export Search Weighted Krippendorff's alpha is a more reliable metrics for multi-coders ordinal annotations: experimental studies on emotion, opinion and coreference annotation
[E14-1058]: Jean-Yves Antoine | Jeanne Villaneau | Anaïs Lefeuvre

Pdf Export Search Discriminating Rhetorical Analogies in Social Media
[E14-1059]: Christoph Lofi | Christian Nieke | Nigel Collier

Pdf Export Search Semi-supervised learning of morphological paradigms and lexicons
[E14-1060]: Mans Hulden | Markus Forsberg | Malin Ahlberg

Pdf Export Search How to Produce Unseen Teddy Bears: Improved Morphological Processing of Compounds in SMT
[E14-1061]: Fabienne Cap | Alexander Fraser | Marion Weller | Aoife Cahill

Pdf Export Search Type-Supervised Domain Adaptation for Joint Segmentation and POS-Tagging
[E14-1062]: Meishan Zhang | Yue Zhang | Wanxiang Che | Ting Liu

Pdf Export Search Applying the semantics of negation to SMT through n-best list re-ranking
[E14-1063]: Federico Fancellu | Bonnie Webber

Pdf Export Search Bilingual Sentiment Consistency for Statistical Machine Translation
[E14-1064]: Boxing Chen | Xiaodan Zhu

Pdf Export Search Augmenting Translation Models with Simulated Acoustic Confusions for Improved Spoken Language Translation
[E14-1065]: Yulia Tsvetkov | Florian Metze | Chris Dyer

Pdf Export Search A Generative Model for User Simulation in a Spatial Navigation Domain
[E14-1066]: Aciel Eshky | Ben Allison | Subramanian Ramamoorthy | Mark Steedman

Pdf Export Search Verbose, Laconic or Just Right: A Simple Computational Model of Content Appropriateness under Length Constraints
[E14-1067]: Annie Louis | Ani Nenkova

Pdf Export Search Discovering Implicit Discourse Relations Through Brown Cluster Pair Representation and Coreference Patterns
[E14-1068]: Attapol Rutherford | Nianwen Xue

Pdf Export Search "I Object!" Modeling Latent Pragmatic Effects in Courtroom Dialogues
[E14-1069]: Dan Goldwasser | Hal Daumé III

Pdf Export Search Encoding Semantic Resources in Syntactic Structures for Passage Reranking
[E14-1070]: Kateryna Tymoshenko | Alessandro Moschitti | Aliaksei Severyn

Pdf Export Search Automatic Food Categorization from Large Unlabeled Corpora and Its Impact on Relation Extraction
[E14-1071]: Michael Wiegand | Benjamin Roth | Dietrich Klakow

Pdf Export Search Redundancy Detection in ESL Writings
[E14-1072]: Huichao Xue | Rebecca Hwa

Pdf Export Search Fast Recursive Multi-class Classification of Pairs of Text Entities for Biomedical Event Extraction
[E14-1073]: Xiao Liu | Antoine Bordes | Yves Grandvalet

Pdf Export Search Cluster-based Prediction of User Ratings for Stylistic Surface Realisation
[E14-1074]: Nina Dethlefs | Heriberto Cuayáhuitl | Helen Hastie | Verena Rieser | Oliver Lemon

Pdf Export Search Improving the Estimation of Word Importance for News Multi-Document Summarization
[E14-1075]: Kai Hong | Ani Nenkova

Pdf Export Search Hybrid text simplification using synchronous dependency grammars with hand-written and automatically harvested rules
[E14-1076]: Advaith Siddharthan | Angrosh Mandya

Pdf Export Search A Summariser based on Human Memory Limitations and Lexical Competition
[E14-1077]: Yimai Fang | Simone Teufel

Pdf Export Search Learning part-of-speech taggers with inter-annotator agreement loss
[E14-1078]: Barbara Plank | Dirk Hovy | Anders Søgaard