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Pdf Export Search Sequential Matching Network: A New Architecture for Multi-turn Response Selection in Retrieval-Based Chatbots
[P17-1046]: Yu Wu | Wei Wu | Chen Xing | Ming Zhou | Zhoujun Li

Pdf Export Search Jointly Extracting Relations with Class Ties via Effective Deep Ranking
[P17-1166]: Hai Ye | Wenhan Chao | Zhunchen Luo | Zhoujun Li

Pdf Export Search Chinese Answer Extraction Based on POS Tree and Genetic Algorithm
[W17-6004]: Shuihua Li | Xiaoming Zhang | Zhoujun Li

Pdf Export Search Beihang-MSRA at SemEval-2017 Task 3: A Ranking System with Neural Matching Features for Community Question Answering
[S17-2045]: Wenzheng Feng | Yu Wu | Wei Wu | Zhoujun Li | Ming Zhou


Pdf Export Search DocChat: An Information Retrieval Approach for Chatbot Engines Using Unstructured Documents
[P16-1049]: Zhao Yan | Nan Duan | Junwei Bao | Peng Chen | Ming Zhou | Zhoujun Li | Jianshe Zhou

Pdf Export Search Detecting Context Dependent Messages in a Conversational Environment
[C16-1187]: Chaozhuo Li | Yu Wu | Wei Wu | Chen Xing | Zhoujun Li | Ming Zhou


Pdf Export Search Exploiting Timelines to Enhance Multi-document Summarization
[P14-1087]: Jun-Ping Ng | Yan Chen | Min-Yen Kan | Zhoujun Li


Pdf Export Search A Semi-Supervised Bayesian Network Model for Microblog Topic Classification
[C12-1035]: Yan Chen | Zhoujun Li | Liqiang Nie | Xia Hu | Xiangyu Wang | Tat-Seng Chua | Xiaoming Zhang


Pdf Export Search A Graph-based Bilingual Corpus Selection Approach for SMT
[Y11-1013]: Wenhan Chao | Zhoujun Li


Pdf Export Search Comparable Entity Mining from Comparative Questions
[P10-1067]: Shasha Li | Chin-Yew Lin | Young-In Song | Zhoujun Li