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Pdf Export Search Learning User Embeddings from Emails
[E17-2116]: Yan Song | Chia-Jung Lee

Pdf Export Search Learning Word Representations with Regularization from Prior Knowledge
[K17-1016]: Yan Song | Chia-Jung Lee | Fei Xia


Pdf Export Search Modern Chinese Helps Archaic Chinese Processing: Finding and Exploiting the Shared Properties
[L14-1163]: Yan Song | Fei Xia


Pdf Export Search A Common Case of Jekyll and Hyde: The Synergistic Effect of Using Divided Source Training Data for Feature Augmentation
[I13-1071]: Yan Song | Fei Xia

Pdf Export Search Non-Monotonic Sentence Alignment via Semisupervised Learning
[P13-1061]: Xiaojun Quan | Chunyu Kit | Yan Song


Pdf Export Search Entropy-based Training Data Selection for Domain Adaptation
[C12-2116]: Yan Song | Prescott Klassen | Fei Xia | Chunyu Kit

Pdf Export Search Using a Goodness Measurement for Domain Adaptation: A Case Study on Chinese Word Segmentation
[L12-1580]: Yan Song | Fei Xia


Pdf Export Search How Large a Corpus Do We Need: Statistical Method Versus Rule-based Method
[L10-1134]: Hai Zhao | Yan Song | Chunyu Kit

Pdf Export Search An Empirical Study on Development Set Selection Strategy for Machine Translation Learning
[W10-1706]: Cong Hui | Hai Zhao | Bao-Liang Lu | Yan Song

Pdf Export Search Reranking with Multiple Features for Better Transliteration
[W10-2409]: Yan Song | Chunyu Kit | Hai Zhao

Pdf Export Search How Well Conditional Random Fields Can be Used in Novel Term Recognition
[Y10-1067]: Xing Zhang | Yan Song | Alex Chengyu Fang


Pdf Export Search Cross Language Dependency Parsing using a Bilingual Lexicon
[P09-1007]: Hai Zhao | Yan Song | Chunyu Kit | Guodong Zhou

Pdf Export Search Transliteration of Name Entity via Improved Statistical Translation on Character Sequences
[W09-3511]: Yan Song | Chunyu Kit | Xiao Chen

Pdf Export Search Dependency Grammar Based English Subject-Verb Agreement Evaluation
[Y09-1008]: Dongfeng Cai | Yonghua Hu | Xuelei Miao | Yan Song


Pdf Export Search Chinese Word Segmentation Based on an Approach of Maximum Entropy Modeling
[W06-0137]: Yan Song | Jiaqing Guo | Dongfeng Cai

Pdf Export Search HowNet Based Chinese Question Classification
[Y06-1049]: Dongfeng Cai | Jingguang Sun | Guiping Zhang | Dexin Lv | Yanju Dong | Yan Song | Chao Yu

Pdf Export Search Research on concept-sememe tree and semantic relevance computation
[Y06-1057]: GuiPing Zhang | Chao Yu | DongFeng Cai | Yan Song | JingGuang Sun