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Pdf Export Search Discourse-Aware Neural Rewards for Coherent Text Generation
[N18-1016]: Antoine Bosselut | Asli Celikyilmaz | Xiaodong He | Jianfeng Gao | Po-Sen Huang | Yejin Choi

Pdf Export Search Tensor Product Generation Networks for Deep NLP Modeling
[N18-1114]: Qiuyuan Huang | Paul Smolensky | Xiaodong He | Li Deng | Dapeng Wu

Pdf Export Search Deep Communicating Agents for Abstractive Summarization
[N18-1150]: Asli Celikyilmaz | Antoine Bosselut | Xiaodong He | Yejin Choi

Pdf Export Search Note Natural Language to Structured Query Generation via Meta-Learning
[N18-2115]: Po-Sen Huang | Chenglong Wang | Rishabh Singh | Wen-tau Yih | Xiaodong He


Pdf Export Search Two-Stage Synthesis Networks for Transfer Learning in Machine Comprehension
[D17-1087]: David Golub | Po-Sen Huang | Xiaodong He | Li Deng

Pdf Export Search Learning Generic Sentence Representations Using Convolutional Neural Networks
[D17-1254]: Zhe Gan | Yunchen Pu | Ricardo Henao | Chunyuan Li | Xiaodong He | Lawrence Carin


Pdf Export Search Character-Level Question Answering with Attention
[D16-1166]: Xiaodong He | David Golub

Pdf Export Search Deep Reinforcement Learning with a Combinatorial Action Space for Predicting Popular Reddit Threads
[D16-1189]: Ji He | Mari Ostendorf | Xiaodong He | Jianshu Chen | Jianfeng Gao | Lihong Li | Li Deng

Pdf Export Search Bi-directional Attention with Agreement for Dependency Parsing
[D16-1238]: Hao Cheng | Hao Fang | Xiaodong He | Jianfeng Gao | Li Deng

Pdf Export Search A Corpus and Cloze Evaluation for Deeper Understanding of Commonsense Stories
[N16-1098]: Nasrin Mostafazadeh | Nathanael Chambers | Xiaodong He | Devi Parikh | Dhruv Batra | Lucy Vanderwende | Pushmeet Kohli | James Allen

Pdf rev Pdf Export Search Visual Storytelling
[N16-1147]: Ting-Hao (Kenneth) Huang | Francis Ferraro | Nasrin Mostafazadeh | Ishan Misra | Aishwarya Agrawal | Jacob Devlin | Ross Girshick | Xiaodong He | Pushmeet Kohli | Dhruv Batra | C. Lawrence Zitnick | Devi Parikh | Lucy Vanderwende | Michel Galley | Margaret Mitchell

Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Attention Networks for Document Classification
[N16-1174]: Zichao Yang | Diyi Yang | Chris Dyer | Xiaodong He | Alex Smola | Eduard Hovy

Pdf Export Search Note Deep Reinforcement Learning with a Natural Language Action Space
[P16-1153]: Ji He | Jianshu Chen | Xiaodong He | Jianfeng Gao | Lihong Li | Li Deng | Mari Ostendorf

Pdf Export Search Generating Natural Questions About an Image
[P16-1170]: Nasrin Mostafazadeh | Ishan Misra | Jacob Devlin | Margaret Mitchell | Xiaodong He | Lucy Vanderwende


Pdf Export Search Representation Learning Using Multi-Task Deep Neural Networks for Semantic Classification and Information Retrieval
[N15-1092]: Xiaodong Liu | Jianfeng Gao | Xiaodong He | Li Deng | Kevin Duh | Ye-Yi Wang

Pdf Export Search Deep Learning and Continuous Representations for Natural Language Processing
[N15-4004]: Wen-tau Yih | Xiaodong He | Jianfeng Gao

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Semantic Parsing via Staged Query Graph Generation: Question Answering with Knowledge Base
[P15-1128]: Wen-tau Yih | Ming-Wei Chang | Xiaodong He | Jianfeng Gao

Pdf Export Search Language Models for Image Captioning: The Quirks and What Works
[P15-2017]: Jacob Devlin | Hao Cheng | Hao Fang | Saurabh Gupta | Li Deng | Xiaodong He | Geoffrey Zweig | Margaret Mitchell

Pdf Export Search Data Selection With Fewer Words
[W15-3003]: Amittai Axelrod | Philip Resnik | Xiaodong He | Mari Ostendorf


Pdf Export Search Modeling Interestingness with Deep Neural Networks
[D14-1002]: Jianfeng Gao | Patrick Pantel | Michael Gamon | Xiaodong He | Li Deng

Pdf Export Search Learning Continuous Phrase Representations for Translation Modeling
[P14-1066]: Jianfeng Gao | Xiaodong He | Wen-tau Yih | Li Deng

Pdf Export Search Semantic Parsing for Single-Relation Question Answering
[P14-2105]: Wen-tau Yih | Xiaodong He | Christopher Meek


Pdf Export Search Training MRF-Based Phrase Translation Models using Gradient Ascent
[N13-1048]: Jianfeng Gao | Xiaodong He


Pdf Export Search Learning Lexicon Models from Search Logs for Query Expansion
[D12-1061]: Jianfeng Gao | Shasha Xie | Xiaodong He | Alnur Ali

Pdf rev Pdf Export Search Maximum Expected BLEU Training of Phrase and Lexicon Translation Models
[P12-1031]: Xiaodong He | Li Deng

Pdf Export Search Review of Hypothesis Alignment Algorithms for MT System Combination via Confusion Network Decoding
[W12-3124]: Antti-Veikko Rosti | Xiaodong He | Damianos Karakos | Gregor Leusch | Yuan Cao | Markus Freitag | Spyros Matsoukas | Hermann Ney | Jason Smith | Bing Zhang


Pdf Export Search Domain Adaptation via Pseudo In-Domain Data Selection
[D11-1033]: Amittai Axelrod | Xiaodong He | Jianfeng Gao


Pdf Export Search Joint Optimization for Machine Translation System Combination
[D09-1125]: Xiaodong He | Kristina Toutanova

Pdf Export Search Using N-gram based Features for Machine Translation System Combination
[N09-2052]: Yong Zhao | Xiaodong He

Pdf Export Search Incremental HMM Alignment for MT System Combination
[P09-1107]: Chi-Ho Li | Xiaodong He | Yupeng Liu | Ning Xi


Pdf Export Search Indirect-HMM-based Hypothesis Alignment for Combining Outputs from Machine Translation Systems
[D08-1011]: Xiaodong He | Mei Yang | Jianfeng Gao | Patrick Nguyen | Robert Moore


Pdf Export Search Training Non-Parametric Features for Statistical Machine Translation
[W07-0710]: Patrick Nguyen | Milind Mahajan | Xiaodong He

Pdf Export Search Using Word-Dependent Transition Models in HMM-Based Word Alignment for Statistical Machine Translation
[W07-0711]: Xiaodong He