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Pdf Export Search Towards Bidirectional Hierarchical Representations for Attention-based Neural Machine Translation
[D17-1151]: Baosong Yang | Derek F. Wong | Tong Xiao | Lidia S. Chao | Jingbo Zhu


Pdf Export Search NiuParser: A Chinese Syntactic and Semantic Parsing Toolkit
[P15-4025]: Jingbo Zhu | Muhua Zhu | Qiang Wang | Tong Xiao


Pdf Export Search Effective Incorporation of Source Syntax into Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation
[C14-1195]: Tong Xiao | Adrià de Gispert | Jingbo Zhu | Bill Byrne

Pdf Export Search A Hybrid Approach to Skeleton-based Translation
[P14-2092]: Tong Xiao | Jingbo Zhu | Chunliang Zhang


Pdf Export Search Easy-First POS Tagging and Dependency Parsing with Beam Search
[P13-2020]: Ji Ma | Jingbo Zhu | Tong Xiao | Nan Yang

Pdf Export Search The University of Cambridge Russian-English System at WMT13
[W13-2225]: Juan Pino | Aurelien Waite | Tong Xiao | Adrià Gispert | Federico Flego | William Byrne


Pdf Export Search Easy-First Chinese POS Tagging and Dependency Parsing
[C12-1106]: Ji Ma | Tong Xiao | Jingbo Zhu | Feiliang Ren

Pdf Export Search Learning Better Rule Extraction with Translation Span Alignment
[P12-2055]: Jingbo Zhu | Tong Xiao | Chunliang Zhang

Pdf Export Search NiuTrans: An Open Source Toolkit for Phrase-based and Syntax-based Machine Translation
[P12-3004]: Tong Xiao | Jingbo Zhu | Hao Zhang | Qiang Li


Pdf Export Search Improving Decoding Generalization for Tree-to-String Translation
[P11-2073]: Jingbo Zhu | Tong Xiao


Pdf Export Search Heterogeneous Parsing via Collaborative Decoding
[C10-1151]: Muhua Zhu | Jingbo Zhu | Tong Xiao

Pdf Export Search An Empirical Study of Translation Rule Extraction with Multiple Parsers
[C10-2154]: Tong Xiao | Jingbo Zhu | Hao Zhang | Muhua Zhu

Pdf Export Search Boosting-Based System Combination for Machine Translation
[P10-1076]: Tong Xiao | Jingbo Zhu | Muhua Zhu | Huizhen Wang

Pdf Export Search NEUNLPLab Chinese Word Sense Induction System for SIGHAN Bakeoff 2010
[W10-4168]: Hao Zhang | Tong Xiao | Jingbo Zhu


Pdf Export Search Better Synchronous Binarization for Machine Translation
[D09-1038]: Tong Xiao | Mu Li | Dongdong Zhang | Jingbo Zhu | Ming Zhou

Pdf Export Search The Feature Subspace Method for SMT System Combination
[D09-1114]: Nan Duan | Mu Li | Tong Xiao | Ming Zhou