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Pdf Export Search Large-scale evaluation of dependency-based DSMs: Are they worth the effort?
[E17-2063]: Gabriella Lapesa | Stefan Evert


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 10th Web as Corpus Workshop
[W16-2600]: Paul Cook | Stefan Evert | Roland Schäfer | Egon Stemle

Pdf Export Search EmpiriST 2015: A Shared Task on the Automatic Linguistic Annotation of Computer-Mediated Communication and Web Corpora
[W16-2606]: Michael Beißwenger | Sabine Bartsch | Stefan Evert | Kay-Michael Würzner

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Cognitive Aspects of the Lexicon (CogALex - V)
[W16-5300]: Michael Zock | Alessandro Lenci | Stefan Evert

Pdf Export Search The CogALex-V Shared Task on the Corpus-Based Identification of Semantic Relations
[W16-5309]: Enrico Santus | Anna Gladkova | Stefan Evert | Alessandro Lenci

Pdf Export Search CogALex-V Shared Task: Mach5 – A traditional DSM approach to semantic relatedness
[W16-5312]: Stefan Evert


Pdf Export Search SemantiKLUE: Semantic Textual Similarity with Maximum Weight Matching
[S15-2020]: Nataliia Plotnikova | Gabriella Lapesa | Thomas Proisl | Stefan Evert

Pdf Export Search KLUEless: Polarity Classification and Association
[S15-2103]: Nataliia Plotnikova | Micha Kohl | Kevin Volkert | Stefan Evert | Andreas Lerner | Natalie Dykes | Heiko Ermer

Pdf Export Search Towards a better understanding of Burrows's Delta in literary authorship attribution
[W15-0709]: Stefan Evert | Thomas Proisl | Thorsten Vitt | Christof Schöch | Fotis Jannidis | Steffen Pielström


Pdf Export Search A Large Scale Evaluation of Distributional Semantic Models: Parameters, Interactions and Model Selection
[Q14-1041]: Gabriella Lapesa | Stefan Evert

Pdf Export Search Contrasting Syntagmatic and Paradigmatic Relations: Insights from Distributional Semantic Models
[S14-1020]: Gabriella Lapesa | Stefan Evert | Sabine Schulte im Walde

Pdf Export Search SemantiKLUE: Robust Semantic Similarity at Multiple Levels Using Maximum Weight Matching
[S14-2093]: Thomas Proisl | Stefan Evert | Paul Greiner | Besim Kabashi

Pdf Export Search SentiKLUE: Updating a Polarity Classifier in 48 Hours
[S14-2096]: Stefan Evert | Thomas Proisl | Paul Greiner | Besim Kabashi

Pdf Export Search SNAP: A Multi-Stage XML-Pipeline for Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis
[S14-2101]: Clemens Schulze Wettendorf | Robin Jegan | Allan Körner | Julia Zerche | Nataliia Plotnikova | Julian Moreth | Tamara Schertl | Verena Obermeyer | Susanne Streil | Tamara Willacker | Stefan Evert

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 10th Workshop on Multiword Expressions (MWE)
[W14-0800]: Valia Kordoni | Markus Egg | Agata Savary | Eric Wehrli | Stefan Evert

Pdf Export Search NaDiR: Naive Distributional Response Generation
[W14-4707]: Gabriella Lapesa | Stefan Evert

Pdf Export Search Distributional Semantics in R with the wordspace Package
[C14-2024]: Stefan Evert


Pdf Export Search KLUE-CORE: A regression model of semantic textual similarity
[S13-1026]: Paul Greiner | Thomas Proisl | Stefan Evert | Besim Kabashi

Pdf Export Search KLUE: Simple and robust methods for polarity classification
[S13-2065]: Thomas Proisl | Paul Greiner | Stefan Evert | Besim Kabashi

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Neighbor Rank and Distance Measures as Predictors of Semantic Priming
[W13-2608]: Gabriella Lapesa | Stefan Evert


Pdf Export Search Distributional Semantic Models
[N10-4006]: Stefan Evert

Pdf Export Search Google Web 1T 5-Grams Made Easy (but not for the computer)
[W10-1505]: Stefan Evert


Pdf Export Search A Lightweight and Efficient Tool for Cleaning Web Pages
[L08-1191]: Stefan Evert


Pdf Export Search zipfR: Word Frequency Modeling in R
[P07-2008]: Stefan Evert | Marco Baroni


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Workshop on Multiword Expressions: Identifying and Exploiting Underlying Properties
[W06-1200]: Begoña Villada Moirón | Aline Villavicencio | Diana McCarthy | Stefan Evert | Suzanne Stevenson


Pdf Export Search Significance tests for the evaluation of ranking methods
[C04-1136]: Stefan Evert

Pdf Export Search Identifying Morphosyntactic Preferences in Collocations
[L04-1314]: Stefan Evert | Ulrich Heid | Kristina Spranger

Pdf Export Search The Statistical Analysis of Morphosyntactic Distributions
[L04-1509]: Stefan Evert


Pdf Export Search Experiments on Candidate Data for Collocation Extraction
[E03-1080]: Stefan Evert | Hannah Kermes


Pdf Export Search YAC - A Recursive Chunker for Unrestricted German Text.
[L02-1202]: Hannah Kermes | Stefan Evert

Pdf Export Search Advanced Tools for the Study of Natural Interactivity.
[L02-1236]: Claudia Soria | Niels Ole Bernsen | Niels Cadée | Jean Carletta | Laila Dybkjær | Stefan Evert | Ulrich Heid | Amy Isard | Mykola Kolodnytsky | Christoph Lauer | Wolfgang Lezius | Lucas P.J.J. Noldus | Vito Pirrelli | Norbert Reithinger | Andreas Vögele


Pdf Export Search Methods for the Qualitative Evaluation of Lexical Association Measures
[P01-1025]: Stefan Evert | Brigitte Krenn