Pdf Export Search Dataset Unravelling Names of Fictional Characters
[P16-1203]: Katerina Papantoniou | Stasinos Konstantopoulos


Pdf Export Search Argument extraction for supporting public policy formulation
[W13-2707]: Eirini Florou | Stasinos Konstantopoulos | Antonis Koukourikos | Pythagoras Karampiperis


Pdf Export Search Task-Driven Linguistic Analysis based on an Underspecified Features Representation
[L12-1075]: Stasinos Konstantopoulos | Valia Kordoni | Nicola Cancedda | Vangelis Karkaletsis | Dietrich Klakow | Jean-Michel Renders


Pdf Export Search A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Nordic Surnames
[W11-4611]: Eirini Florou | Stasinos Konstantopoulos


Pdf Export Search Learning Language Identification Models: A Comparative Analysis of the Distinctive Features of Names and Common Words
[L10-1313]: Stasinos Konstantopoulos

Pdf Export Search An Embodied Dialogue System with Personality and Emotions
[W10-2706]: Stasinos Konstantopoulos


Pdf Export Search Adaptive Natural Language Interaction
[E09-2010]: Stasinos Konstantopoulos | Athanasios Tegos | Dimitrios Bilidas | Ion Androutsopoulos | Gerasimos Lampouras | Colin Matheson | Olivier Deroo | Prodromos Malakasiotis

Pdf Export Search An Intelligent Authoring Environment for Abstract Semantic Representations of Cultural Object Descriptions
[W09-0302]: Stasinos Konstantopoulos | Vangelis Karkaletsis | Dimitris Bilidas


Pdf Export Search Learning Computational Grammars
[W01-0712]: John Nerbonne | Anja Belz | Nicola Cancedda | Hervé Déjean | James Hammerton | Rob Koeling | Stasinos Konstantopoulos | Miles Osborne | Franck Thollard | Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang