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Pdf Export Search A study of N-gram and Embedding Representations for Native Language Identification
[W17-5026]: Sowmya Vajjala | Sagnik Banerjee


Pdf Export Search Towards grounding computational linguistic approaches to readability: Modeling reader-text interaction for easy and difficult texts
[W16-4105]: Sowmya Vajjala | Detmar Meurers | Alexander Eitel | Katharina Scheiter


Pdf Export Search Exploring Measures of "Readability" for Spoken Language: Analyzing linguistic features of subtitles to identify age-specific TV programs
[W14-1203]: Sowmya Vajjala | Detmar Meurers

Pdf Export Search Automatic CEFR Level Prediction for Estonian Learner Text
[W14-3509]: Sowmya Vajjala | Kaidi Lõo

Pdf Export Search Assessing the relative reading level of sentence pairs for text simplification
[E14-1031]: Sowmya Vajjala | Detmar Meurers


Pdf Export Search Role of Morpho-Syntactic Features in Estonian Proficiency Classification
[W13-1708]: Sowmya Vajjala | Kaidi Loo

Pdf Export Search Combining Shallow and Linguistically Motivated Features in Native Language Identification
[W13-1726]: Serhiy Bykh | Sowmya Vajjala | Julia Krivanek | Detmar Meurers

Pdf Export Search On The Applicability of Readability Models to Web Texts
[W13-2907]: Sowmya Vajjala | Detmar Meurers


Pdf Export Search Readability Classification for German using Lexical, Syntactic, and Morphological Features
[C12-1065]: Julia Hancke | Sowmya Vajjala | Detmar Meurers

Pdf Export Search On Improving the Accuracy of Readability Classification using Insights from Second Language Acquisition
[W12-2019]: Sowmya Vajjala | Detmar Meurers

Pdf Export Search The Study of Effect of Length in Morphological Segmentation of Agglutinative Languages
[W12-3903]: Loganathan Ramasamy | Zdeněk Žabokrtský | Sowmya Vajjala