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Pdf Export Search Shared Task Proposal: Multilingual Surface Realization Using Universal Dependency Trees
[W17-3517]: Simon Mille | Bernd Bohnet | Leo Wanner | Anja Belz

Pdf Export Search A demo of FORGe: the Pompeu Fabra Open Rule-based Generator
[W17-3539]: Simon Mille | Leo Wanner

Pdf Export Search FORGe at SemEval-2017 Task 9: Deep sentence generation based on a sequence of graph transducers
[S17-2158]: Simon Mille | Roberto Carlini | Alicia Burga | Leo Wanner


Pdf Export Search Data-driven sentence generation with non-isomorphic trees
[N15-1042]: Miguel Ballesteros | Bernd Bohnet | Simon Mille | Leo Wanner

Pdf Export Search Visualizing Deep-Syntactic Parser Output
[N15-3012]: Juan Soler-Company | Miguel Ballesteros | Bernd Bohnet | Simon Mille | Leo Wanner

Pdf Export Search Towards a multi-layered dependency annotation of Finnish
[W15-2107]: Alicia Burga | Simon Mille | Anton Granvik | Leo Wanner


Pdf Export Search Deep-Syntactic Parsing
[C14-1133]: Miguel Ballesteros | Bernd Bohnet | Simon Mille | Leo Wanner

Pdf Export Search Classifiers for data-driven deep sentence generation
[W14-4416]: Miguel Ballesteros | Simon Mille | Leo Wanner


Pdf Export Search Exploring Morphosyntactic Annotation over a Spanish Corpus for Dependency Parsing
[W13-3703]: Miguel Ballesteros | Simon Mille | Alicia Burga

Pdf Export Search AnCora-UPF: A Multi-Level Annotation of Spanish
[W13-3724]: Simon Mille | Alicia Burga | Leo Wanner


Pdf Export Search Text Simplification Tools for Spanish
[L12-1446]: Stefan Bott | Horacio Saggion | Simon Mille

Pdf Export Search Towards a Surface Realization-Oriented Corpus Annotation
[W12-1506]: Leo Wanner | Simon Mille | Bernd Bohnet

Pdf Export Search The Surface Realisation Task: Recent Developments and Future Plans
[W12-1525]: Anja Belz | Bernd Bohnet | Simon Mille | Leo Wanner | Michael White

Pdf Export Search How Does the Granularity of an Annotation Scheme Influence Dependency Parsing Performance?
[C12-2082]: Simon Mille | Alicia Burga | Gabriela Ferraro | Leo Wanner


Pdf Export Search StuMaBa : From Deep Representation to Surface
[W11-2835]: Bernd Bohnet | Simon Mille | Benoît Favre | Leo Wanner


Pdf Export Search Syntactic Dependencies for Multilingual and Multilevel Corpus Annotation
[L10-1483]: Simon Mille | Leo Wanner


Pdf Export Search Making Text Resources Accessible to the Reader: the Case of Patent Claims
[L08-1318]: Simon Mille | Leo Wanner