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Pdf Export Search Can Neural Machine Translation be Improved with User Feedback?
[N18-3012]: Julia Kreutzer | Shahram Khadivi | Evgeny Matusov | Stefan Riezler

Pdf Export Search Learning from Chunk-based Feedback in Neural Machine Translation
[P18-2052]: Pavel Petrushkov | Shahram Khadivi | Evgeny Matusov

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Workshop on Deep Learning Approaches for Low-Resource NLP
[W18-3400]: Reza Haffari | Colin Cherry | George Foster | Shahram Khadivi | Bahar Salehi


Pdf Export Search Neural Machine Translation Leveraging Phrase-based Models in a Hybrid Search
[D17-1148]: Leonard Dahlmann | Evgeny Matusov | Pavel Petrushkov | Shahram Khadivi


Pdf Export Search A Generative Model for Extracting Parallel Fragments from Comparable Documents
[W15-3407]: Somayeh Bakhshaei | Shahram Khadivi | Reza Safabakhsh


Pdf Export Search Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Conditional Random Fields For Spoken Language Understanding Using Unaligned Data
[U14-1012]: Mohammad Aliannejadi | Masoud Kiaeeha | Shahram Khadivi | Saeed Shiry Ghidary


Pdf Export Search Meta-level Statistical Machine Translation
[I13-1164]: Sajad Ebrahimi | Kourosh Meshgi | Shahram Khadivi | Mohammad Ebrahim Shiri Ahmad Abady

Pdf Export Search Using Context Vectors in Improving a Machine Translation System with Bridge Language
[P13-2057]: Samira Tofighi Zahabi | Somayeh Bakhshaei | Shahram Khadivi


Pdf Export Search A New Search Approach for Interactive-Predictive Computer-Assisted Translation
[C12-2123]: Zeinab Vakil | Shahram Khadivi

Pdf Export Search A Holistic Approach to Bilingual Sentence Fragment Extraction from Comparable Corpora
[L12-1531]: Mahdi Khademian | Kaveh Taghipour | Saab Mansour | Shahram Khadivi


Pdf Export Search An Unsupervised Alignment Model for Sequence Labeling: Application to Name Transliteration
[W11-3211]: Najmeh Mousavi Nejad | Shahram Khadivi

Pdf Export Search The Amirkabir Machine Transliteration System for NEWS 2011: Farsi-to-English Task
[W11-3214]: Najmeh Mousavi Nejad | Shahram Khadivi | Kaveh Taghipour


Pdf Export Search WordNet Based Features for Predicting Brain Activity associated with meanings of nouns
[W10-0603]: Ahmad Babaeian Jelodar | Mehrdad Alizadeh | Shahram Khadivi


Pdf Export Search Statistical Approaches to Computer-Assisted Translation
[J09-1002]: Sergio Barrachina | Oliver Bender | Francisco Casacuberta | Jorge Civera | Elsa Cubel | Shahram Khadivi | Antonio Lagarda | Hermann Ney | Jesús Tomás | Enrique Vidal | Juan-Miguel Vilar


Pdf Export Search A Sequence Alignment Model Based on the Averaged Perceptron
[D07-1025]: Dayne Freitag | Shahram Khadivi


Pdf Export Search Integration of Speech to Computer-Assisted Translation Using Finite-State Automata
[P06-2061]: Shahram Khadivi | Richard Zens | Hermann Ney

Pdf Export Search Morpho-syntactic Arabic Preprocessing for Arabic to English Statistical Machine Translation
[W06-3103]: Anas El Isbihani | Shahram Khadivi | Oliver Bender | Hermann Ney