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Pdf Export Search Minimally Supervised Number Normalization
[Q16-1036]: Kyle Gorman | Richard Sproat

Pdf Export Search Keynote Lecture 2: Neural (and other Machine Learning) Approaches to Text Normalization
[W16-6323]: Richard Sproat


Pdf Export Search Measuring idiosyncratic interests in children with autism
[P15-2035]: Masoud Rouhizadeh | Emily Prud'hommeaux | Jan van Santen | Richard Sproat

Pdf Export Search Similarity Measures for Quantifying Restrictive and Repetitive Behavior in Conversations of Autistic Children
[W15-1214]: Masoud Rouhizadeh | Richard Sproat | Jan van Santen


Pdf Export Search Applications of Lexicographic Semirings to Problems in Speech and Language Processing
[J14-4002]: Richard Sproat | Mahsa Yarmohammadi | Izhak Shafran | Brian Roark

Pdf Export Search A Database for Measuring Linguistic Information Content
[L14-1397]: Richard Sproat | Bruno Cartoni | HyunJeong Choe | David Huynh | Linne Ha | Ravindran Rajakumar | Evelyn Wenzel-Grondie

Pdf Export Search Hippocratic Abbreviation Expansion
[P14-2060]: Brian Roark | Richard Sproat

Pdf Export Search Detecting linguistic idiosyncratic interests in autism using distributional semantic models
[W14-3206]: Masoud Rouhizadeh | Emily Prud'hommeaux | Jan van Santen | Richard Sproat


Pdf Export Search Russian Stress Prediction using Maximum Entropy Ranking
[D13-1088]: Keith Hall | Richard Sproat


Pdf Export Search The OpenGrm open-source finite-state grammar software libraries
[P12-3011]: Brian Roark | Richard Sproat | Cyril Allauzen | Michael Riley | Jeffrey Sorensen | Terry Tai

Pdf Export Search Robust kaomoji detection in Twitter
[W12-2107]: Steven Bedrick | Russell Beckley | Brian Roark | Richard Sproat

Pdf Export Search Discourse-Based Modeling for AAC
[W12-2903]: Margaret Mitchell | Richard Sproat

Pdf Export Search Annotation Tools and Knowledge Representation for a Text-To-Scene System
[C12-1042]: Bob Coyne | Alex Klapheke | Masoud Rouhizadeh | Richard Sproat | Daniel Bauer


Pdf Export Search Lexicographic Semirings for Exact Automata Encoding of Sequence Models
[P11-2001]: Brian Roark | Richard Sproat | Izhak Shafran

Pdf Export Search Collecting Semantic Data from Mechanical Turk for a Lexical Knowledge Resource in a Text to Picture Generating System
[W11-0147]: Masoud Rouhizadeh | Margit Bowler | Richard Sproat | Bob Coyne

Pdf Export Search Towards technology-assisted co-construction with communication partners
[W11-2303]: Brian Roark | Andrew Fowler | Richard Sproat | Christopher Gibbons | Melanie Fried-Oken


Pdf Export Search Last Words: Ancient Symbols, Computational Linguistics, and the Reviewing Practices of the General Science Journals
[J10-3012]: Richard Sproat

Pdf Export Search Commentary and Discussion: Reply to Rao et al. and Lee et al.
[J10-4017]: Richard Sproat

Pdf Export Search A Python Toolkit for Universal Transliteration
[L10-1013]: Ting Qian | Kristy Hollingshead | Su-youn Yoon | Kyoung-young Kim | Richard Sproat


Pdf Export Search Writing Systems, Transliteration and Decipherment
[N09-4008]: Kevin Knight | Richard Sproat

Pdf Export Search Knowing the Unseen: Estimating Vocabulary Size over Unseen Samples
[P09-1013]: Suma Bhat | Richard Sproat

Pdf Export Search Named Entity Transcription with Pair n-Gram Models
[W09-3505]: Martin Jansche | Richard Sproat


Pdf Export Search Book Review: Mathematical Linguistics by András Kornai
[J08-4006]: Richard Sproat | Roxana Gîrju


Pdf Export Search Multilingual Transliteration Using Feature based Phonetic Method
[P07-1015]: Su-Youn Yoon | Kyoung-Young Kim | Richard Sproat

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Word Sense Discrimination: A Comparative Cross-Linguistic Study
[W07-1711]: Alla Rozovskaya | Richard Sproat


Pdf Export Search Named Entity Transliteration with Comparable Corpora
[P06-1010]: Richard Sproat | Tao Tao | ChengXiang Zhai

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Named Entity Transliteration Using Temporal and Phonetic Correlation
[W06-1630]: Tao Tao | Su-Youn Yoon | Andrew Fister | Richard Sproat | ChengXiang Zhai


Pdf Export Search Emotions from Text: Machine Learning for Text-based Emotion Prediction
[H05-1073]: Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm | Dan Roth | Richard Sproat


Pdf Export Search Lattice-Based Search for Spoken Utterance Retrieval
[N04-1017]: Murat Saraclar | Richard Sproat


Pdf Export Search The First International Chinese Word Segmentation Bakeoff
[W03-1719]: Richard Sproat | Thomas Emerson


Pdf Export Search Creating a Finite-State Parser with Application Semantics
[C02-2026]: Owen Rambow | Srinivas Bangalore | Tahir Butt | Alexis Nasr | Richard Sproat


Pdf Export Search Book Reviews: Prosody: Theory and Experiment. Studies presented to Gosta Bruce
[J01-3005]: Chilin Shih | Richard Sproat


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 10th Research on Computational Linguistics International Conference
[O97-1000]: Keh-Jiann Chen | Chu-Ren Huang | Richard Sproat


Pdf Export Search Estimating Lexical Priors for Low-Frequency Morphologically Ambiguous Forms
[J96-2001]: Harald Baayen | Richard Sproat

Pdf Export Search A Stochastic Finite-State Word-Segmentation Algorithm for Chinese
[J96-3004]: Richard Sproat | William Gales | Chilin Shih | Nancy Chang

Pdf Export Search Issues in Text-to-Speech Conversion for Mandarin
[O96-2002]: Chilin Shih | Richard Sproat

Pdf Export Search Compilation of Weighted Finite-State Transducers from Decision Trees
[P96-1029]: Richard Sproat | Michael Riley

Pdf Export Search An Efficient Compiler for Weighted Rewrite Rules
[P96-1031]: Mehryar Mohri | Richard Sproat


Pdf Export Search Weighted Rational Transductions and their Application to Human Language Processing
[H94-1050]: Fernando Pereira | Michael Riley | Richard Sproat

Pdf Export Search Commentary on Bird and Klein
[J94-3012]: Richard Sproat

[P94-1010]: Richard Sproat | Chilin Shih | William Gale | Nancy Chang


Pdf Export Search An application of statistical optimization with dynamic programming to phonemic-input-to-character conversion for Chinese
[O90-1010]: Richard Sproat


Pdf Export Search Constituent-Based Morphological Parsing: A New Approach to the Problem of Word-Recognition.
[P87-1010]: Richard Sproat | Barbara Brunson