Pdf Export Search DT_Team at SemEval-2017 Task 1: Semantic Similarity Using Alignments, Sentence-Level Embeddings and Gaussian Mixture Model Output
[S17-2014]: Nabin Maharjan | Rajendra Banjade | Dipesh Gautam | Lasang J. Tamang | Vasile Rus


Pdf Export Search DTSim at SemEval-2016 Task 1: Semantic Similarity Model Including Multi-Level Alignment and Vector-Based Compositional Semantics
[S16-1097]: Rajendra Banjade | Nabin Maharjan | Dipesh Gautam | Vasile Rus

Pdf Export Search DTSim at SemEval-2016 Task 2: Interpreting Similarity of Texts Based on Automated Chunking, Chunk Alignment and Semantic Relation Prediction
[S16-1125]: Rajendra Banjade | Nabin Maharjan | Nobal Bikram Niraula | Vasile Rus

Pdf Export Search Evaluation Dataset (DT-Grade) and Word Weighting Approach towards Constructed Short Answers Assessment in Tutorial Dialogue Context
[W16-0520]: Rajendra Banjade | Nabin Maharjan | Nobal Bikram Niraula | Dipesh Gautam | Borhan Samei | Vasile Rus


Pdf Export Search NeRoSim: A System for Measuring and Interpreting Semantic Textual Similarity
[S15-2030]: Rajendra Banjade | Nobal Bikram Niraula | Nabin Maharjan | Vasile Rus | Dan Stefanescu | Mihai Lintean | Dipesh Gautam


Pdf Export Search On Paraphrase Identification Corpora
[L14-1002]: Vasile Rus | Rajendra Banjade | Mihai Lintean

Pdf Export Search The DARE Corpus: A Resource for Anaphora Resolution in Dialogue Based Intelligent Tutoring Systems
[L14-1320]: Nobal Niraula | Vasile Rus | Rajendra Banjade | Dan Stefanescu | William Baggett | Brent Morgan

Pdf Export Search Latent Semantic Analysis Models on Wikipedia and TASA
[L14-1349]: Dan Stefanescu | Rajendra Banjade | Vasile Rus


Pdf Export Search SEMILAR: The Semantic Similarity Toolkit
[P13-4028]: Vasile Rus | Mihai Lintean | Rajendra Banjade | Nobal Niraula | Dan Stefanescu