Pdf Export Search WikiRef: Wikilinks as a route to recommending appropriate references for scientific Wikipedia pages
[C18-1032]: Abhik Jana | Pranjal Kanojiya | Pawan Goyal | Animesh Mukherjee

Pdf Export Search CL Scholar: The ACL Anthology Knowledge Graph Miner
[N18-5004]: Mayank Singh | Pradeep Dogga | Sohan Patro | Dhiraj Barnwal | Ritam Dutt | Rajarshi Haldar | Pawan Goyal | Animesh Mukherjee

Pdf Export Search Upcycle Your OCR: Reusing OCRs for Post-OCR Text Correction in Romanised Sanskrit
[K18-1034]: Amrith Krishna | Bodhisattwa P. Majumder | Rajesh Bhat | Pawan Goyal

Pdf Export Search Attachment Free as in Free Word Order: An Energy Based Model for Word Segmentation and Morphological Tagging in Sanskrit
[D18-1276]: Amrith Krishna | Bishal Santra | Sasi Prasanth Bandaru | Gaurav Sahu | Vishnu Dutt Sharma | Pavankumar Satuluri | Pawan Goyal

Pdf Export Search Can Network Embedding of Distributional Thesaurus Be Combined with Word Vectors for Better Representation?
[N18-1043]: Abhik Jana | Pawan Goyal


Pdf Export Search A Dataset for Sanskrit Word Segmentation
[W17-2214]: Amrith Krishna | Pavan Kumar Satuluri | Pawan Goyal

Pdf Export Search Adapting predominant and novel sense discovery algorithms for identifying corpus-specific sense differences
[W17-2402]: Binny Mathew | Suman Kalyan Maity | Pratip Sarkar | Animesh Mukherjee | Pawan Goyal

Pdf Export Search A Graph Based Semi-Supervised Approach for Analysis of Derivational Nouns in Sanskrit
[W17-2409]: Amrith Krishna | Pavankumar Satuluri | Harshavardhan Ponnada | Muneeb Ahmed | Gulab Arora | Kaustubh Hiware | Pawan Goyal


Pdf Export Search Word Segmentation in Sanskrit Using Path Constrained Random Walks
[C16-1048]: Amrith Krishna | Bishal Santra | Pavankumar Satuluri | Sasi Prasanth Bandaru | Bhumi Faldu | Yajuvendra Singh | Pawan Goyal

Pdf Export Search OCR++: A Robust Framework For Information Extraction from Scholarly Articles
[C16-1320]: Mayank Singh | Barnopriyo Barua | Priyank Palod | Manvi Garg | Sidhartha Satapathy | Samuel Bushi | Kumar Ayush | Krishna Sai Rohith | Tulasi Gamidi | Pawan Goyal | Animesh Mukherjee

Pdf Export Search Compound Type Identification in Sanskrit: What Roles do the Corpus and Grammar Play?
[W16-3701]: Amrith Krishna | Pavankumar Satuluri | Shubham Sharma | Apurv Kumar | Pawan Goyal

Pdf Export Search Query Translation for Cross-Language Information Retrieval using Multilingual Word Clusters
[W16-3716]: Paheli Bhattacharya | Pawan Goyal | Sudeshna Sarkar

Pdf Export Search A graphical framework to detect and categorize diverse opinions from online news
[W16-4305]: Ankan Mullick | Pawan Goyal | Niloy Ganguly

Pdf Export Search A Two-Phase Approach Towards Identifying Argument Structure in Natural Language
[W16-4903]: Arkanath Pathak | Pawan Goyal | Plaban Bhowmick


Pdf Export Search Converting Phrase Structures to Dependency Structures in Sanskrit
[C14-1173]: Pawan Goyal | Amba Kulkarni

Pdf Export Search That's sick dude!: Automatic identification of word sense change across different timescales
[P14-1096]: Sunny Mitra | Ritwik Mitra | Martin Riedl | Chris Biemann | Animesh Mukherjee | Pawan Goyal

Pdf Export Search A Novel Two-stage Framework for Extracting Opinionated Sentences from News Articles
[W14-3704]: Pujari Rajkumar | Swara Desai | Niloy Ganguly | Pawan Goyal


Pdf Export Search A Distributed Platform for Sanskrit Processing
[C12-1062]: Pawan Goyal | GĂ©rard Huet | Amba Kulkarni | Peter Scharf | Ralph Bunker