Pdf Export Search Fast Domain Adaptation of SMT models without in-Domain Parallel Data
[C14-1105]: Prashant Mathur | Sriram Venkatapathy | Nicola Cancedda


Pdf Export Search Generation of Compound Words in Statistical Machine Translation into Compounding Languages
[J13-4009]: Sara Stymne | Nicola Cancedda | Lars Ahrenberg


Pdf Export Search Task-Driven Linguistic Analysis based on an Underspecified Features Representation
[L12-1075]: Stasinos Konstantopoulos | Valia Kordoni | Nicola Cancedda | Vangelis Karkaletsis | Dietrich Klakow | Jean-Michel Renders

Pdf Export Search Prediction of Learning Curves in Machine Translation
[P12-1003]: Prasanth Kolachina | Nicola Cancedda | Marc Dymetman | Sriram Venkatapathy

Pdf Export Search Private Access to Phrase Tables for Statistical Machine Translation
[P12-2005]: Nicola Cancedda


Pdf Export Search Confidence-Weighted Learning of Factored Discriminative Language Models
[P11-2077]: Viet Ha Thuc | Nicola Cancedda

Pdf Export Search Productive Generation of Compound Words in Statistical Machine Translation
[W11-2129]: Sara Stymne | Nicola Cancedda


Pdf Export Search Minimum Error Rate Training by Sampling the Translation Lattice
[D10-1059]: Samidh Chatterjee | Nicola Cancedda

Pdf Export Search A Dataset for Assessing Machine Translation Evaluation Metrics
[L10-1349]: Lucia Specia | Nicola Cancedda | Marc Dymetman

Pdf Export Search Intersecting Hierarchical and Phrase-Based Models of Translation: Formal Aspects and Algorithms
[W10-3801]: Marc Dymetman | Nicola Cancedda


Pdf Export Search Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation as a Traveling Salesman Problem
[P09-1038]: Mikhail Zaslavskiy | Marc Dymetman | Nicola Cancedda

Pdf Export Search Source-Language Entailment Modeling for Translating Unknown Terms
[P09-1089]: Shachar Mirkin | Lucia Specia | Nicola Cancedda | Ido Dagan | Marc Dymetman | Idan Szpektor


Pdf Export Search Translating with Non-contiguous Phrases
[H05-1095]: Michel Simard | Nicola Cancedda | Bruno Cavestro | Marc Dymetman | Eric Gaussier | Cyril Goutte | Kenji Yamada | Philippe Langlais | Arne Mauser


Pdf Export Search Combining Labelled and Unlabelled Data: A Case Study on Fisher Kernels and Transductive Inference for Biological Entity Recognition
[W02-2011]: Cyril Goutte | Hervé Déjean | Eric Gaussier | Nicola Cancedda | Jean-Michel Renders


Pdf Export Search Probabilistic models for PP-attachment resolution and NP analysis
[W01-0707]: Eric Gaussier | Nicola Cancedda

Pdf Export Search Learning Computational Grammars
[W01-0712]: John Nerbonne | Anja Belz | Nicola Cancedda | Hervé Déjean | James Hammerton | Rob Koeling | Stasinos Konstantopoulos | Miles Osborne | Franck Thollard | Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang


Pdf Export Search Experiments with Corpus-based LFG Specialization
[A00-1028]: Nicola Cancedda | Christer Samuelsson

Pdf Export Search Corpus-Based Grammar Specialization
[W00-0702]: Nicola Cancedda | Christer Samuelsson