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Pdf Export Search Automatic Expansion of the MRC Psycholinguistic Database Imageability Ratings
[L14-1186]: Ting Liu | Kit Cho | G. Aaron Broadwell | Samira Shaikh | Tomek Strzalkowski | John Lien | Sarah Taylor | Laurie Feldman | Boris Yamrom | Nick Webb | Umit Boz | Ignacio Cases | Ching-Sheng Lin


Pdf Export Search Revealing Contentious Concepts Across Social Groups
[L12-1209]: Ching-Sheng Lin | Zumrut Akcam | Samira Shaikh | Sharon Small | Ken Stahl | Tomek Strzalkowski | Nick Webb


Pdf Export Search Modeling Socio-Cultural Phenomena in Discourse
[C10-1117]: Tomek Strzalkowski | George Aaron Broadwell | Jennifer Stromer-Galley | Samira Shaikh | Sarah Taylor | Nick Webb

Pdf Export Search Automatic Extraction of Cue Phrases for Cross-Corpus Dialogue Act Classification
[C10-2150]: Nick Webb | Michael Ferguson

Pdf Export Search MPC: A Multi-Party Chat Corpus for Modeling Social Phenomena in Discourse
[L10-1050]: Samira Shaikh | Tomek Strzalkowski | Aaron Broadwell | Jennifer Stromer-Galley | Sarah Taylor | Nick Webb

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Human-Machine Conversation for Appropriateness
[L10-1071]: Nick Webb | David Benyon | Preben Hansen | Oil Mival

Pdf Export Search Wizard of Oz Experiments for a Companion Dialogue System: Eliciting Companionable Conversation
[L10-1298]: Nick Webb | David Benyon | Jay Bradley | Preben Hansen | Oil Mival

Pdf Export Search VCA: An Experiment with a Multiparty Virtual Chat Agent
[W10-2708]: Samira Shaikh | Tomek Strzalkowski | Sarah Taylor | Nick Webb


Pdf Export Search Investigating the Portability of Corpus-Derived Cue Phrases for Dialogue Act Classification
[C08-1123]: Nick Webb | Ting Liu

Pdf Export Search Cross-Domain Dialogue Act Tagging
[L08-1492]: Nick Webb | Ting Liu | Mark Hepple | Yorick Wilks


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Interactive Question Answering Workshop at HLT-NAACL 2006
[W06-3000]: Nick Webb


Pdf Export Search Human Dialogue Modelling Using Annotated Corpora
[L04-1037]: Yorick Wilks | Nick Webb | Andrea Setzer | Mark Hepple | Roberta Catizone

Pdf Export Search Data-Driven Strategies for an Automated Dialogue System
[P04-1010]: Hilda Hardy | Tomek Strzalkowski | Min Wu | Cristian Ursu | Nick Webb | Alan Biermann | R. Bryce Inouye | Ashley McKenzie


Pdf Export Search Multilingual Authoring: the NAMIC Approach
[W01-1013]: Roberto Basili | Roberta Catizone | Luis Padro | Maria Teresa Pazienza | German Rigau | Andrea Setzer | Nick Webb | Yorick Wilks | Fabio Massimo Zanzottomm