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Pdf Export Search Question Generation for Question Answering
[D17-1091]: Nan Duan | Duyu Tang | Peng Chen | Ming Zhou


Pdf Export Search Constraint-Based Question Answering with Knowledge Graph
[C16-1236]: Junwei Bao | Nan Duan | Zhao Yan | Ming Zhou | Tiejun Zhao

Pdf Export Search DocChat: An Information Retrieval Approach for Chatbot Engines Using Unstructured Documents
[P16-1049]: Zhao Yan | Nan Duan | Junwei Bao | Peng Chen | Ming Zhou | Zhoujun Li | Jianshe Zhou


Pdf Export Search Joint Relational Embeddings for Knowledge-based Question Answering
[D14-1071]: Min-Chul Yang | Nan Duan | Ming Zhou | Hae-Chang Rim

Pdf Export Search Knowledge-Based Question Answering as Machine Translation
[P14-1091]: Junwei Bao | Nan Duan | Ming Zhou | Tiejun Zhao


Pdf Export Search Paraphrasing Adaptation for Web Search Ranking
[P13-2008]: Chenguang Wang | Nan Duan | Ming Zhou | Ming Zhang

Pdf Export Search Minimum Bayes Risk based Answer Re-ranking for Question Answering
[P13-2075]: Nan Duan


Pdf Export Search Forced Derivation Tree based Model Training to Statistical Machine Translation
[D12-1041]: Nan Duan | Mu Li | Ming Zhou


Pdf Export Search Hypothesis Mixture Decoding for Statistical Machine Translation
[P11-1126]: Nan Duan | Mu Li | Ming Zhou


Pdf Export Search Translation Model Generalization using Probability Averaging for Machine Translation
[C10-1035]: Nan Duan | Hong Sun | Ming Zhou

Pdf Export Search Mixture Model-based Minimum Bayes Risk Decoding using Multiple Machine Translation Systems
[C10-1036]: Nan Duan | Mu Li | Dongdong Zhang | Ming Zhou


Pdf Export Search The Feature Subspace Method for SMT System Combination
[D09-1114]: Nan Duan | Mu Li | Tong Xiao | Ming Zhou

Pdf Export Search Collaborative Decoding: Partial Hypothesis Re-ranking Using Translation Consensus between Decoders
[P09-1066]: Mu Li | Nan Duan | Dongdong Zhang | Chi-Ho Li | Ming Zhou


Pdf Export Search Measure Word Generation for English-Chinese SMT Systems
[P08-1011]: Dongdong Zhang | Mu Li | Nan Duan | Chi-Ho Li | Ming Zhou