Pdf Export Search 中文轉客文文轉音系統中的客語斷詞處理之研究 (Research on Hakka Word Segmentation Processes in Chinese‐to‐Hakka Text‐to‐Speech System )[In Chinese]
[O14-1006]: Hsin-Wei Lin | Feng-Long Huang | Ming-Shing Yu | Yih-Jeng Lin


Pdf Export Search 基於決策樹演算法之台語連音變調預估模組 (A Prediction Module for Taiwanese Tone Sandhi Based on the Decision Tree Algorithm) [In Chinese]
[O12-1009]: Neng-Huang Pan | Ming-Shing Yu | Pei-Chun Tsai

Pdf Export Search 利用關聯式規則解決台語文轉音系統中一詞多音之歧異 (Applying Association Rules in Solving the Polysemy Problem in a Chinese to Taiwanese TTS System) [In Chinese]
[O12-1026]: Yih-Jeng Lin | Ming-Shing Yu | Wei-Lun Li

Pdf Export Search The Polysemy Problem, an Important Issue in a Chinese to Taiwanese TTS System
[O12-2003]: Ming-Shing Yu | Yih-Jeng Lin


Pdf Export Search 國台語無聲調拼音輸入法實作 (An Implementation of Toneless Input for Mandarin and Taiwanese) [In Chinese]
[O08-1010]: Ming-Shing Yu | Cheng-Rong Tsai


Pdf Export Search 台灣共通語言 (Taiwan Common Language) [In Chinese]
[O07-2005]: Ming-Shing Yu


Pdf Export Search 使用韻律階層及大量詞彙的中文文轉音系統 (A Mandarin Text-to-Speech System Using Prosodic Hierarchy and a Large Number of Words) [In Chinese]
[O05-1012]: Ming-Shing Yu | Tang-Yu Zhang | Tsan-Huang Shiu | Yu-Her Tsai

Pdf Export Search An Approach to Improve the Smoothing Process Based on Non-uniform Redistribution
[Y05-1023]: Feng-Long Huang | Ming-Shing Yu


Pdf Export Search The Properties and Further Applications of Chinese Frequent Strings
[O04-2007]: Yih-Jeng Lin | Ming-Shing Yu


Pdf Export Search The Improving Techniques for Disambiguating Non-alphabet Sense Categories
[O00-1003]: Feng-Long Hwang | Ming-Shing Yu | Min-Jer Wu


Pdf Export Search A Way to Extract Unknown Words Without Dictionary from Chinese Corpus and Its Applications
[O98-2004]: Yih-Jeng Ling | Ming-Shing Yu | Shyh-Yang Hwang | Ming-Jer Wu


Pdf Export Search 中文連音二字詞之語音合成 (Coarticulation of Two-Syllable Words in Mandarin Speech Synthesis) [In Chinese]
[O96-1001]: Jun-Wen Hwang | Ming-Shing Yu | Shyh-Yang Hwang | Ming-Jer Wu