Pdf Export Search Language Related Issues for Machine Translation between Closely Related South Slavic Languages
[W16-4806]: Maja Popović | Mihael Arcan | Filip Klubička

Pdf Export Search Expanding wordnets to new languages with multilingual sense disambiguation
[C16-1010]: Mihael Arcan | John Philip McCrae | Paul Buitelaar


Pdf Export Search Knowledge Portability with Semantic Expansion of Ontology Labels
[P15-1069]: Mihael Arcan | Marco Turchi | Paul Buitelaar

Pdf Export Search Identifying main obstacles for statistical machine translation of morphologically rich South Slavic languages
[W15-4913]: Maja Popović | Mihael Arcan

Pdf Export Search Poor man's lemmatisation for automatic error classification
[W15-4914]: Maja Popović | Mihael Arcan | Eleftherios Avramidis | Aljoscha Burchardt | Arle Lommel

Pdf Export Search MixedEmotions: Social Semantic Emotion Analysis for Innovative Multilingual Big Data Analytics Markets
[W15-4929]: Mihael Arcan | Paul Buitelaar


Pdf Export Search Identification of Bilingual Terms from Monolingual Documents for Statistical Machine Translation
[W14-4803]: Mihael Arcan | Claudio Giuliano | Marco Turchi | Paul Buitelaar


Pdf Export Search Ontology Label Translation
[N13-2006]: Mihael Arcan | Paul Buitelaar

Pdf Export Search Linguistic Linked Data for Sentiment Analysis
[W13-5502]: Paul Buitelaar | Mihael Arcan | Carlos Iglesias | Fernando Sanchez-Rada | Carlo Strapparava


Pdf Export Search Using Domain-specific and Collaborative Resources for Term Translation
[W12-4210]: Mihael Arcan | Christian Federmann | Paul Buitelaar

Pdf Export Search Experiments with Term Translation
[C12-1005]: Mihael Arcan | Christian Federmann | Paul Buitelaar