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Pdf Export Search Incongruent Headlines: Yet Another Way to Mislead Your Readers
[W17-4210]: Sophie Chesney | Maria Liakata | Massimo Poesio | Matthew Purver


Pdf Export Search Robust Co-occurrence Quantification for Lexical Distributional Semantics
[P16-3009]: Dmitrijs Milajevs | Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh | Matthew Purver

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the INLG 2016 Workshop on Computational Creativity in Natural Language Generation
[W16-5500]: Matthew Purver | Pablo Gervás | Sascha Griffiths

Pdf Export Search Process Based Evaluation of Computer Generated Poetry
[W16-5508]: Stephen McGregor | Matthew Purver | Geraint Wiggins


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Computational Semantics
[W15-0100]: Matthew Purver | Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh | Matthew Stone

Pdf Export Search Feedback in Conversation as Incremental Semantic Update
[W15-0130]: Arash Eshghi | Christine Howes | Eleni Gregoromichelaki | Julian Hough | Matthew Purver

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 15th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (ENLG)
[W15-4700]: Anya Belz | Albert Gatt | François Portet | Matthew Purver


Pdf Export Search Probabilistic Type Theory for Incremental Dialogue Processing
[W14-1410]: Julian Hough | Matthew Purver

Pdf Export Search Investigating the Contribution of Distributional Semantic Information for Dialogue Act Classification
[W14-1505]: Dmitrijs Milajevs | Matthew Purver

Pdf Export Search Linguistic Indicators of Severity and Progress in Online Text-based Therapy for Depression
[W14-3202]: Christine Howes | Matthew Purver | Rose McCabe

Pdf Export Search A Simple Baseline for Discriminating Similar Languages
[W14-5318]: Matthew Purver

Pdf Export Search Strongly Incremental Repair Detection
[D14-1009]: Julian Hough | Matthew Purver

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Neural Word Representations in Tensor-Based Compositional Settings
[D14-1079]: Dmitrijs Milajevs | Dimitri Kartsaklis | Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh | Matthew Purver


Pdf Export Search Probabilistic induction for an incremental semantic grammar
[W13-0110]: Arash Eshghi | Matthew Purver | Julian Hough

Pdf Export Search Investigating Topic Modelling for Therapy Dialogue Analysis
[W13-0402]: Christine Howes | Matthew Purver | Rose McCabe

Pdf Export Search Incremental Grammar Induction from Child-Directed Dialogue Utterances
[W13-2611]: Arash Eshghi | Julian Hough | Matthew Purver


Pdf Export Search Predicting Adherence to Treatment for Schizophrenia from Dialogue Transcripts
[W12-1610]: Christine Howes | Matthew Purver | Rose McCabe | Patrick G. T. Healey | Mary Lavelle

Pdf Export Search Experimenting with Distant Supervision for Emotion Classification
[E12-1049]: Matthew Purver | Stuart Battersby


Pdf Export Search Incremental Semantic Construction in a Dialogue System
[W11-0144]: Matthew Purver | Arash Eshghi | Julian Hough


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the SIGDIAL 2009 Conference
[W09-3900]: Patrick Healey | Roberto Pieraccini | Donna Byron | Steve Young | Matthew Purver

Pdf Export Search Split Utterances in Dialogue: a Corpus Study
[W09-3937]: Matthew Purver | Christine Howes | Eleni Gregoromichelaki | Patrick Healey

Pdf Export Search Cascaded Lexicalised Classifiers for Second-Person Reference Resolution
[W09-3944]: Matthew Purver | Raquel Fernández | Matthew Frampton | Stanley Peters


Pdf Export Search Modelling and Detecting Decisions in Multi-party Dialogue
[W08-0125]: Raquel Fernández | Matthew Frampton | Patrick Ehlen | Matthew Purver | Stanley Peters


Pdf Export Search A Conversational In-Car Dialog System
[N07-4012]: Baoshi Yan | Fuliang Weng | Zhe Feng | Florin Ratiu | Madhuri Raya | Yao Meng | Sebastian Varges | Matthew Purver | Annie Lien | Tobias Scheideck | Badri Raghunathan | Feng Lin | Rohit Mishra | Brian Lathrop | Zhaoxia Zhang | Harry Bratt | Stanley Peters

Pdf Export Search Disambiguating Between Generic and Referential "You" in Dialog
[P07-2027]: Surabhi Gupta | Matthew Purver | Dan Jurafsky


Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Topic Modelling for Multi-Party Spoken Discourse
[P06-1003]: Matthew Purver | Konrad P. Körding | Thomas L. Griffiths | Joshua B. Tenenbaum

Pdf Export Search Shallow Discourse Structure for Action Item Detection
[W06-3405]: Matthew Purver | Patrick Ehlen | John Niekrasz


Pdf Export Search Combining Confidence Scores with Contextual Features for Robust Multi-Device Dialogue
[U05-1032]: Lawrence Cavedon | Matthew Purver | Florin Ratiu


Pdf Export Search Incremental Parsing, or Incremental Grammar?
[W04-0312]: Matthew Purver | Ruth Kempson


Pdf Export Search Answering Clarification Questions
[W03-2103]: Matthew Purver | Patrick G.T. Healey | James King | Jonathan Ginzburg | Greg J. Mills

Pdf Export Search Incremental Generation by Incremental Parsing: Tactical Generation in Dynamic Syntax
[W03-2311]: Matthew Purver | Masayuki Otsuka


Pdf Export Search Processing Unknown Words in a Dialogue System
[W02-0222]: Matthew Purver


Pdf Export Search On the Means for Clarification in Dialogue
[W01-1616]: Matthew Purver | Jonathan Ginzburg | Patrick Healey