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Pdf Export Search Detecting Personal Medication Intake in Twitter: An Annotated Corpus and Baseline Classification System
[W17-2316]: Ari Klein | Abeed Sarker | Masoud Rouhizadeh | Karen O'Connor | Graciela Gonzalez

Pdf Export Search Assessing Objective Recommendation Quality through Political Forecasting
[D17-1250]: H. Andrew Schwartz | Masoud Rouhizadeh | Michael Bishop | Philip Tetlock | Barbara Mellers | Lyle Ungar


Pdf Export Search Using Syntactic and Semantic Context to Explore Psychodemographic Differences in Self-reference
[D16-1219]: Masoud Rouhizadeh | Lyle Ungar | Anneke Buffone | H. Andrew Schwartz


Pdf Export Search Measuring idiosyncratic interests in children with autism
[P15-2035]: Masoud Rouhizadeh | Emily Prud'hommeaux | Jan van Santen | Richard Sproat

Pdf Export Search Similarity Measures for Quantifying Restrictive and Repetitive Behavior in Conversations of Autistic Children
[W15-1214]: Masoud Rouhizadeh | Richard Sproat | Jan van Santen


Pdf Export Search Detecting linguistic idiosyncratic interests in autism using distributional semantic models
[W14-3206]: Masoud Rouhizadeh | Emily Prud'hommeaux | Jan van Santen | Richard Sproat


Pdf Export Search Distributional semantic models for the evaluation of disordered language
[N13-1084]: Masoud Rouhizadeh | Emily Prud'hommeaux | Brian Roark | Jan van Santen


Pdf Export Search Annotation Tools and Knowledge Representation for a Text-To-Scene System
[C12-1042]: Bob Coyne | Alex Klapheke | Masoud Rouhizadeh | Richard Sproat | Daniel Bauer


Pdf Export Search Collecting Semantic Data from Mechanical Turk for a Lexical Knowledge Resource in a Text to Picture Generating System
[W11-0147]: Masoud Rouhizadeh | Margit Bowler | Richard Sproat | Bob Coyne