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Pdf Export Search Automatically Deriving Event Ontologies for a CommonSense Knowledge Base
[W13-0103]: James Allen | Will de Beaumont | Lucian Galescu | Jansen Orfan | Mary Swift | Choh Man Teng


Pdf Export Search Squibs: Fruit Carts: A Domain and Corpus for Research in Dialogue Systems and Psycholinguistics
[J12-3002]: Gregory Aist | Ellen Campana | James Allen | Mary Swift | Michael K. Tanenhaus

Pdf Export Search An Annotation Scheme for Quantifier Scope Disambiguation
[L12-1547]: Mehdi Manshadi | James Allen | Mary Swift


Pdf Export Search A Corpus of Scope-disambiguated English Text
[P11-2025]: Mehdi Manshadi | James Allen | Mary Swift

Pdf Export Search Building Timelines from Narrative Clinical Records: Initial Results Based-on Deep Natural Language Understanding
[W11-0219]: Hyuckchul Jung | James Allen | Nate Blaylock | William de Beaumont | Lucian Galescu | Mary Swift


Pdf Export Search Production in a Multimodal Corpus: how Speakers Communicate Complex Actions
[L08-1200]: Carlos Gómez Gallo | T. Florian Jaeger | James Allen | Mary Swift

Pdf Export Search Deep Semantic Analysis of Text
[W08-2227]: James F. Allen | Mary Swift | Will de Beaumont


Pdf Export Search Demonstration of PLOW: A Dialogue System for One-Shot Task Learning
[N07-4001]: James Allen | Nathanael Chambers | George Ferguson | Lucian Galescu | Hyuckchul Jung | Mary Swift | William Taysom

Pdf Export Search Deep Linguistic Processing for Spoken Dialogue Systems
[W07-1207]: James Allen | Myroslava Dzikovska | Mehdi Manshadi | Mary Swift


Pdf Export Search Increasing the coverage of a domain independent dialogue lexicon with VERBNET
[W06-3504]: Benoit Crabbé | Myroslava O. Dzikovska | William Beaumont | Mary Swift


Pdf Export Search Two Diverse Systems Built using Generic Components for Spoken Dialogue (Recent Progress on TRIPS)
[P05-3022]: James Allen | George Ferguson | Amanda Stent | Scott Stoness | Mary Swift | Lucian Galescu | Nathan Chambers | Ellen Campana | Gregorynn Aist

Pdf Export Search Generic Parsing for Multi-Domain Semantic Interpretation
[W05-1525]: Myroslava Dzikovska | Mary Swift | James Allen | William Beaumont

Pdf Export Search Online Statistics for a Unification-Based Dialogue Parser
[W05-1526]: Micha Elsner | Mary Swift | James Allen | Daniel Gildea


Pdf Export Search Skeletons in the parser: Using a shallow parser to improve deep parsing
[C04-1055]: Mary Swift | James Allen | Daniel Gildea

Pdf Export Search Discourse Annotation in the Monroe Corpus
[W04-0214]: Joel Tetreault | Mary Swift | Preethum Prithviraj | Myroslava Dzikovska | James Allen