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Pdf Export Search Combining Textual and Speech Features in the NLI Task Using State-of-the-Art Machine Learning Techniques
[W17-5021]: Pavel Ircing | Jan Svec | Zbynek Zajic | Barbora Hladka | Martin Holub


Pdf Export Search Verb sense disambiguation in Machine Translation
[W16-4506]: Roman Sudarikov | Ondřej Dušek | Martin Holub | Ondřej Bojar | Vincent Kríž


Pdf Export Search Feature Extraction for Native Language Identification Using Language Modeling
[R15-1040]: Vincent Kríž | Martin Holub | Pavel Pecina


Pdf rev Pdf Export Search Feature Engineering in the NLI Shared Task 2013: Charles University Submission Report
[W13-1730]: Barbora Hladka | Martin Holub | Vincent Kriz

Pdf Export Search Rule-Based Extraction of English Verb Collocates from a Dependency-Parsed Corpus
[W13-3708]: Silvie Cinková | Martin Holub | Ema Krejčová | Lenka Smejkalová


Pdf Export Search Managing Uncertainty in Semantic Tagging
[E12-1085]: Silvie Cinková | Martin Holub | Vincent Kríž

Pdf Export Search A database of semantic clusters of verb usages
[L12-1175]: Silvie Cinková | Martin Holub | Adam Rambousek | Lenka Smejkalová

Pdf Export Search Tailored Feature Extraction for Lexical Disambiguation of English Verbs Based on Corpus Pattern Analysis
[C12-1073]: Martin Holub | Vincent Kríž | Silvie Cinková | Eckhard Bick


Pdf Export Search Large Scale Experiments for Semantic Labeling of Noun Phrases in Raw Text
[L04-1424]: Louise Guthrie | Roberto Basili | Fabio Zanzotto | Kalina Bontcheva | Hamish Cunningham | David Guthrie | Jia Cui | Marco Cammisa | Jerry Cheng-Chieh Liu | Cassia Farria Martin | Kristiyan Haralambiev | Martin Holub | Klaus Macherey | Fredrick Jelinek

Pdf Export Search Searching for Topics in a Large Collection of Texts
[P04-2003]: Martin Holub | Jiri Semecky | Jiri Divis


Pdf Export Search Use of Dependency Tree Structures for the Microcontext Extraction
[W00-1103]: Martin Holub | Alena Bohmova