Pdf Export Search A surprisingly effective out-of-the-box char2char model on the E2E NLG Challenge dataset
[W17-5519]: Shubham Agarwal | Marc Dymetman


Pdf Export Search Natural Language Generation through Character-based RNNs with Finite-state Prior Knowledge
[C16-1103]: Raghav Goyal | Marc Dymetman | Eric Gaussier

Pdf Export Search Sequence-based Structured Prediction for Semantic Parsing
[P16-1127]: Chunyang Xiao | Marc Dymetman | Claire Gardent

Pdf Export Search Orthogonality regularizer for question answering
[S16-2019]: Chunyang Xiao | Guillaume Bouchard | Marc Dymetman | Claire Gardent

Pdf Export Search LSTM-Based Mixture-of-Experts for Knowledge-Aware Dialogues
[W16-1611]: Phong Le | Marc Dymetman | Jean-Michel Renders


Pdf Export Search Reversibility reconsidered: finite-state factors for efficient probabilistic sampling in parsing and generation
[D15-1233]: Marc Dymetman | Sriram Venkatapathy | Chunyang Xiao


Pdf Export Search Exact Decoding for Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation
[D14-1131]: Wilker Aziz | Marc Dymetman | Lucia Specia

Pdf Export Search A Lightweight Terminology Verification Service for External Machine Translation Engines
[E14-2013]: Alessio Bosca | Vassilina Nikoulina | Marc Dymetman


Pdf Export Search SORT: An Interactive Source-Rewriting Tool for Improved Translation
[P13-4015]: Shachar Mirkin | Sriram Venkatapathy | Marc Dymetman | Ioan Calapodescu

Pdf Export Search A Convexity-based Generalization of Viterbi for Non-Deterministic Weighted Automata
[W13-1804]: Marc Dymetman

Pdf Export Search Investigations in Exact Inference for Hierarchical Translation
[W13-2260]: Wilker Aziz | Marc Dymetman | Sriram Venkatapathy


Pdf Export Search Exact Sampling and Decoding in High-Order Hidden Markov Models
[D12-1103]: Simon Carter | Marc Dymetman | Guillaume Bouchard

Pdf Export Search Prediction of Learning Curves in Machine Translation
[P12-1003]: Prasanth Kolachina | Nicola Cancedda | Marc Dymetman | Sriram Venkatapathy

Pdf Export Search Hybrid Adaptation of Named Entity Recognition for Statistical Machine Translation
[W12-5701]: Vassilina Nikoulina | Agnes Sandor | Marc Dymetman

Pdf Export Search Optimization and Sampling for NLP from a Unified Viewpoint
[W12-6106]: Marc Dymetman | Guillaume Bouchard | Simon Carter


Pdf Export Search A Dataset for Assessing Machine Translation Evaluation Metrics
[L10-1349]: Lucia Specia | Nicola Cancedda | Marc Dymetman

Pdf Export Search Intersecting Hierarchical and Phrase-Based Models of Translation: Formal Aspects and Algorithms
[W10-3801]: Marc Dymetman | Nicola Cancedda


Pdf Export Search Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation as a Traveling Salesman Problem
[P09-1038]: Mikhail Zaslavskiy | Marc Dymetman | Nicola Cancedda

Pdf Export Search Source-Language Entailment Modeling for Translating Unknown Terms
[P09-1089]: Shachar Mirkin | Lucia Specia | Nicola Cancedda | Ido Dagan | Marc Dymetman | Idan Szpektor


Pdf Export Search Using Syntactic Coupling Features for Discriminating Phrase-Based Translations (WMT-08 Shared Translation Task)
[W08-0323]: Vassilina Nikoulina | Marc Dymetman

Pdf Export Search Experiments in Discriminating Phrase-Based Translations on the Basis of Syntactic Coupling Features
[W08-0407]: Vassilina Nikoulina | Marc Dymetman


Pdf Export Search Translating with Non-contiguous Phrases
[H05-1095]: Michel Simard | Nicola Cancedda | Bruno Cavestro | Marc Dymetman | Eric Gaussier | Cyril Goutte | Kenji Yamada | Philippe Langlais | Arne Mauser


Pdf Export Search Controlled Authoring of Biological Experiment Reports
[E03-2003]: Caroline Brun | Marc Dymetman | Eric Fanchon | Stanislas Lhomme

Pdf Export Search Towards Interactive Text Understanding
[P03-2017]: Marc Dymetman | Aurélien Max | Kenji Yamada


Pdf Export Search Text Authoring, Knowledge Acquisition and Description Logics
[C02-1128]: Marc Dymetman


Pdf Export Search XML and Multilingual Document Authoring: Convergent Trends
[C00-1036]: Marc Dymetman | Veronika Lux | Aarne Ranta

Pdf Export Search Document structure and multilingual authoring
[W00-1404]: Caroline Brun | Marc Dymetman | Veronika Lux


Pdf Export Search Group Theory and Linguistic Processing
[P98-1057]: Marc Dymetman


Pdf Export Search Extended Dependency Structures and their Formal Interpretation
[C96-1044]: Marc Dymetman | Max Copperman


Pdf Export Search A Simple Transformation for Offline-Parsable Grammars and its Termination Properties
[C94-2199]: Marc Dymetman


Pdf Export Search A Generalized Greibach Normal Form for Definite Clause Grammars
[C92-1057]: Marc Dymetman


Pdf Export Search Inherently Reversible Grammars, Logic Programming and Computability
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Pdf Export Search A Symmetrical Approach to Parsing and Generation
[C90-3017]: Marc Dymetman | Pierre Isabelle | Francois Perrault


Pdf Export Search CRITTER: a translation system for agricultural market reports
[C88-1053]: Pierre Isabelle | Marc Dymetman | Elliott Macklovitch


Pdf Export Search Two Approaches to Commonsense Inferencing for Discourse Analysis
[C86-1121]: Marc Dymetman