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Pdf Export Search To normalize, or not to normalize: The impact of normalization on Part-of-Speech tagging
[W17-4404]: Rob van der Goot | Barbara Plank | Malvina Nissim

Pdf Export Search The Power of Character N-grams in Native Language Identification
[W17-5043]: Artur Kulmizev | Bo Blankers | Johannes Bjerva | Malvina Nissim | Gertjan van Noord | Barbara Plank | Martijn Wieling

Pdf Export Search Last Words: Sharing Is Caring: The Future of Shared Tasks
[J17-4007]: Malvina Nissim | Lasha Abzianidze | Kilian Evang | Rob van der Goot | Hessel Haagsma | Barbara Plank | Martijn Wieling


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Workshop on Computational Modeling of People's Opinions, Personality, and Emotions in Social Media (PEOPLES)
[W16-4300]: Malvina Nissim | Viviana Patti | Barbara Plank

Pdf Export Search Distant supervision for emotion detection using Facebook reactions
[W16-4304]: Chris Pool | Malvina Nissim


Pdf Export Search Note Adding Semantics to Data-Driven Paraphrasing
[P15-1146]: Ellie Pavlick | Johan Bos | Malvina Nissim | Charley Beller | Benjamin Van Durme | Chris Callison-Burch

Pdf Export Search Uncovering Noun-Noun Compound Relations by Gamification
[W15-1832]: Johan Bos | Malvina Nissim


Pdf Export Search A Modular System for Rule-based Text Categorisation
[L14-1715]: Marco Del Tredici | Malvina Nissim

Pdf Export Search The Meaning Factory: Formal Semantics for Recognizing Textual Entailment and Determining Semantic Similarity
[S14-2114]: Johannes Bjerva | Johan Bos | Rob van der Goot | Malvina Nissim


Pdf Export Search Cross-linguistic annotation of modality: a data-driven hierarchical model
[W13-0501]: Malvina Nissim | Paola Pietrandrea | Andrea Sanso | Caterina Mauri

Pdf Export Search Modelling the Internal Variability of MWEs
[W13-1007]: Malvina Nissim

Pdf Export Search A Repository of Variation Patterns for Multiword Expressions
[W13-1015]: Malvina Nissim | Andrea Zaninello


Pdf Export Search Creation of Lexical Resources for a Characterisation of Multiword Expressions in Italian
[L10-1391]: Andrea Zaninello | Malvina Nissim


Pdf Export Search Automatic identification of semantic relations in Italian complex nominals
[W09-3707]: Fabio Celli | Malvina Nissim


Pdf Export Search The Italian Particle “ne”: Corpus Construction and Analysis
[L08-1334]: Malvina Nissim | Sara Perboni


Pdf Export Search SemEval-2007 Task 08: Metonymy Resolution at SemEval-2007
[S07-1007]: Katja Markert | Malvina Nissim


Pdf Export Search An Empirical Approach to the Interpretation of Superlatives
[W06-1602]: Johan Bos | Malvina Nissim

Pdf Export Search Learning Information Status of Discourse Entities
[W06-1612]: Malvina Nissim


Pdf Export Search A Framework for Annotating Information Structure in Discourse
[W05-0307]: Sasha Calhoun | Malvina Nissim | Mark Steedman | Jason Brenier


Pdf Export Search Using the NITE XML Toolkit on the Switchboard Corpus to Study Syntactic Choice: a Case Study
[L04-1401]: Jean Carletta | Shipra Dingare | Malvina Nissim | Tatiana Nikitina

Pdf Export Search An Annotation Scheme for Information Status in Dialogue
[L04-1402]: Malvina Nissim | Shipra Dingare | Jean Carletta | Mark Steedman

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Context for Biomedical Entity Recognition: From Syntax to the Web
[W04-1217]: Jenny Finkel | Shipra Dingare | Huy Nguyen | Malvina Nissim | Christopher Manning | Gail Sinclair


Pdf Export Search Syntactic Features and Word Similarity for Supervised Metonymy Resolution
[P03-1008]: Malvina Nissim | Katja Markert

Pdf Export Search Using the Web in Machine Learning for Other-Anaphora Resolution
[W03-1023]: Natalia N. Modjeska | Katja Markert | Malvina Nissim

Pdf Export Search Using the Web for Nominal Anaphora Resolution
[W03-2606]: Katja Markert | Malvina Nissim | Natalia Modjeska


Pdf Export Search Towards a Corpus Annotated for Metonymies: the Case of Location Names.
[L02-1011]: Katja Markert | Malvina Nissim

Pdf Export Search Metonymy Resolution as a Classification Task
[W02-1027]: Katja Markert | Malvina Nissim