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Pdf Export Search Learning Comment Controversy Prediction in Web Discussions Using Incidentally Supervised Multi-Task CNNs
[W18-6246]: Nils Rethmeier | Marc Hübner | Leonhard Hennig

Pdf Export Search A German Corpus for Fine-Grained Named Entity Recognition and Relation Extraction of Traffic and Industry Events
[L18-1703]: Martin Schiersch | Veselina Mironova | Maximilian Schmitt | Philippe Thomas | Aleksandra Gabryszak | Leonhard Hennig

Pdf Export Search A Corpus Study and Annotation Schema for Named Entity Recognition and Relation Extraction of Business Products
[L18-1704]: Saskia Schön | Veselina Mironova | Aleksandra Gabryszak | Leonhard Hennig


Pdf Export Search Common Round: Application of Language Technologies to Large-Scale Web Debates
[E17-3002]: Hans Uszkoreit | Aleksandra Gabryszak | Leonhard Hennig | Jörg Steffen | Renlong Ai | Stephan Busemann | Jon Dehdari | Josef van Genabith | Georg Heigold | Nils Rethmeier | Raphael Rubino | Sven Schmeier | Philippe Thomas | He Wang | Feiyu Xu

Pdf Export Search Streaming Text Analytics for Real-Time Event Recognition
[R17-1096]: Philippe Thomas | Johannes Kirschnick | Leonhard Hennig | Renlong Ai | Sven Schmeier | Holmer Hemsen | Feiyu Xu | Hans Uszkoreit


Pdf Export Search Real-Time Discovery and Geospatial Visualization of Mobility and Industry Events from Large-Scale, Heterogeneous Data Streams
[P16-4007]: Leonhard Hennig | Philippe Thomas | Renlong Ai | Johannes Kirschnick | He Wang | Jakob Pannier | Nora Zimmermann | Sven Schmeier | Feiyu Xu | Jan Ostwald | Hans Uszkoreit


Pdf Export Search Multi-Objective Optimization for the Joint Disambiguation of Nouns and Named Entities
[P15-1058]: Dirk Weissenborn | Leonhard Hennig | Feiyu Xu | Hans Uszkoreit

Pdf Export Search A Web-based Collaborative Evaluation Tool for Automatically Learned Relation Extraction Patterns
[P15-4008]: Leonhard Hennig | Hong Li | Sebastian Krause | Feiyu Xu | Hans Uszkoreit

Pdf Export Search Sar-graphs: A Linked Linguistic Knowledge Resource Connecting Facts with Language
[W15-4204]: Sebastian Krause | Leonhard Hennig | Aleksandra Gabryszak | Feiyu Xu | Hans Uszkoreit


Pdf Export Search GerNED: A German Corpus for Named Entity Disambiguation
[L12-1078]: Danuta Ploch | Leonhard Hennig | Angelina Duka | Ernesto William De Luca | Sahin Albayrak


Pdf Export Search Learning Summary Content Units with Topic Modeling
[C10-2045]: Leonhard Hennig | Ernesto William De Luca | Sahin Albayrak


Pdf Export Search Topic-based Multi-Document Summarization with Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis
[R09-1028]: Leonhard Hennig