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Pdf Export Search Swedish Prepositions are not Pure Function Words
[W17-0402]: Lars Ahrenberg


Pdf Export Search Converting an English-Swedish Parallel Treebank to Universal Dependencies
[W15-2103]: Lars Ahrenberg


Pdf Export Search Translation Class Instruction as Collaboration in the Act of Translation
[W14-1805]: Lars Ahrenberg | Ljuba Tarvi


Pdf Export Search Generation of Compound Words in Statistical Machine Translation into Compounding Languages
[J13-4009]: Sara Stymne | Nicola Cancedda | Lars Ahrenberg

Pdf Export Search IPhraxtor: A Linguistically Informed System for Extraction of Term Candidates
[W13-5614]: Magnus Merkel | Jody Foo | Lars Ahrenberg


Pdf Export Search On the practice of error analysis for machine translation evaluation
[L12-1417]: Sara Stymne | Lars Ahrenberg

Pdf Export Search Error profiling for evaluation of machine-translated text: a Polish-English case study
[L12-1430]: Sandra Weiss | Lars Ahrenberg

Pdf Export Search Alignment-based reordering for SMT
[L12-1595]: Maria Holmqvist | Sara Stymne | Lars Ahrenberg | Magnus Merkel


Pdf Export Search Experiments with word alignment, normalization and clause reordering for SMT between English and German
[W11-2147]: Maria Holmqvist | Sara Stymne | Lars Ahrenberg

Pdf Export Search A Gold Standard for English-Swedish Word Alignment
[W11-4615]: Maria Holmqvist | Lars Ahrenberg


Pdf Export Search Alignment-based Profiling of Europarl Data in an English-Swedish Parallel Corpus
[L10-1129]: Lars Ahrenberg

Pdf Export Search Using a Grammar Checker for Evaluation and Postprocessing of Statistical Machine Translation
[L10-1292]: Sara Stymne | Lars Ahrenberg

Pdf Export Search Vs and OOVs: Two Problems for Translation between German and English
[W10-1727]: Sara Stymne | Maria Holmqvist | Lars Ahrenberg

Pdf Export Search Computing Word Senses by Semantic Mirroring and Spectral Graph Partitioning
[W10-2317]: Martin Fagerlund | Magnus Merkel | Lars Eldén | Lars Ahrenberg


Pdf Export Search Improving Alignment for SMT by Reordering and Augmenting the Training Corpus
[W09-0421]: Maria Holmqvist | Sara Stymne | Jody Foo | Lars Ahrenberg


Pdf Export Search Converting Romanized Persian to the Arabic Writing Systems
[L08-1315]: Jalal Maleki | Lars Ahrenberg

Pdf Export Search Effects of Morphological Analysis in Translation between German and English
[W08-0317]: Sara Stymne | Maria Holmqvist | Lars Ahrenberg


Pdf Export Search Getting to Know Moses: Initial Experiments on German-English Factored Translation
[W07-0723]: Maria Holmqvist | Sara Stymne | Lars Ahrenberg

Pdf Export Search LinES: An English-Swedish Parallel Treebank
[W07-2441]: Lars Ahrenberg


Pdf Export Search Interactive Word Alignment for Language Engineering
[E03-1086]: Lars Ahrenberg | Magnus Merkel | Michael Petterstedt


Pdf Export Search From Word Alignment to Machine Translation via Superlinks
[W01-1701]: Lars Ahrenberg | Håkan Jonsson


Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Word Alignment Systems
[L00-1101]: Lars Ahrenberg | Magnus Merkel | Anna Sågvall Hein | Jörg Tiedemann


Pdf Export Search A Simple Hybrid Aligner for Generating Lexical Correspondences in Parallel Texts
[P98-1004]: Lars Ahrenberg | Mikael Andersson | Magnus Merkel


Pdf Export Search Topological frames in sign-based grammars
[W93-0401]: Lars Ahrenberg


Pdf Export Search Conceptual text representation for multi-lingual generation and translation
[W91-0301]: Lars Ahrenberg | Stefan Svenberg


Pdf Export Search A Grammar Combining Phrase Structure and Field Structure
[C90-2001]: Lars Ahrenberg


Pdf Export Search A system for object-oriented dialogue in Swedish
[W87-0107]: Lars Ahrenberg


Pdf Export Search Parsing into Discourse Object Descriptions
[E87-1024]: Lars Ahrenberg


Pdf Export Search Lexikalisk-funktionell grammatik på svenska (Lexical Functional Grammar in Swedish) [In Swedish]
[W85-0101]: Lars Ahrenberg


Pdf Export Search De grammatiska beskrivningarna i SVE.UCP (The grammatical descriptions in SVE.UCP) [In Swedish]
[W83-0101]: Lars Ahrenberg