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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Computational Terminology (Computerm2016)
[W16-4700]: Patrick Drouin | Natalia Grabar | Thierry Hamon | Kyo Kageura | Koichi Takeuchi

Pdf Export Search A Method of Augmenting Bilingual Terminology by Taking Advantage of the Conceptual Systematicity of Terminologies
[W16-4705]: Miki Iwai | Koichi Takeuchi | Kyo Kageura | Kazuya Ishibashi


Pdf Export Search An ontology-driven system for detecting global health events
[C10-1025]: Nigel Collier | Reiko Matsuda Goodwin | John McCrae | Son Doan | Ai Kawazoe | Mike Conway | Asanee Kawtrakul | Koichi Takeuchi | Dinh Dien

Pdf Export Search A Thesaurus of Predicate-Argument Structure for Japanese Verbs to Deal with Granularity of Verb Meanings
[W10-3201]: Koichi Takeuchi | Kentaro Inui | Nao Takeuchi | Atsushi Fujita


Pdf Export Search Bilingual Terminology Mining - Using Brain, not brawn comparable corpora
[P07-1084]: Emmanuel Morin | Béatrice Daille | Koichi Takeuchi | Kyo Kageura


Pdf Export Search Paraphrasing of Japanese Light-verb Constructions Based on Lexical Conceptual Structure
[W04-0402]: Atsushi Fujita | Kentaro Furihata | Kentaro Inui | Yuji Matsumoto | Koichi Takeuchi

Pdf Export Search Construction of Grammar Based Term Extraction Model for Japanese
[W04-1814]: Koichi Takeuchi | Kyo Kageura | Béatrice Daille | Laurent Romary


Pdf Export Search Deverbal Compound Noun Analysis Based on Lexical Conceptual Structure
[P03-2035]: Koichi Takeuchi | Kyo Kageura | Teruo Koyama

Pdf Export Search Bio-Medical Entity Extraction using Support Vector Machines
[W03-1308]: Koichi Takeuchi | Nigel Collier


Pdf Export Search PIA-Core: Semantic Annotation through Example-based Learning
[L02-1328]: Nigel Collier | Koichi Takeuchi

Pdf Export Search Progress on Multi-lingual Named Entity Annotation Guidelines using RDF (S).
[L02-1329]: Nigel Collier | Koichi Takeuchi | Chikashi Nobata | Junichi Fukumoto | Norihiro Ogata

Pdf Export Search An LCS-Based Approach for Analyzing Japanese Compound Nouns with Deverbal Heads
[W02-1409]: Koichi Takeuchi | Kyo Kageura | Teruo Koyama

Pdf Export Search Use of Support Vector Machines in Extended Named Entity Recognition
[W02-2029]: Koichi Takeuchi | Nigel Collier


Pdf Export Search HMM Parameter Learning for Japanese Morphological Analyzer
[Y95-1022]: Koichi Takeuchi | Yuji Matsumoto