Pdf Export Search The Annotation of Measure Expressions in ISO Standards
[W15-0207]: Kiyong Lee


Pdf Export Search Multi-layered Annotation of Non-textual Data for Spatial Information
[W13-0502]: Kiyong Lee


Pdf Export Search From All Possible Worlds to Small Worlds: A Story of How We Started and Where We Will Go Doing Semantics
[Y12-1001]: Kiyong Lee


Pdf Export Search ISO-TimeML: An International Standard for Semantic Annotation
[L10-1027]: James Pustejovsky | Kiyong Lee | Harry Bunt | Laurent Romary

Pdf Export Search Towards an ISO Standard for Dialogue Act Annotation
[L10-1385]: Harry Bunt | Jan Alexandersson | Jean Carletta | Jae-Woong Choe | Alex Chengyu Fang | Koiti Hasida | Kiyong Lee | Volha Petukhova | Andrei Popescu-Belis | Laurent Romary | Claudia Soria | David Traum

Pdf Export Search eSpatialML: An Event-Driven Spatial Annotation Framework
[Y10-1026]: Kiyong Lee | Jonathan Webster | Alex Chengyu Fang


Pdf Export Search Multilinguality in Temporal Annotation: A Case of Korean
[Y06-1002]: Kiyong Lee


Pdf Export Search A Constrained Finite-State Morphotactics for Korean
[Y05-1025]: Eunsok Ju | Chongwon Park | Minhaeng Lee | Kiyong Lee


Pdf Export Search Towards an International Standard on Feature Structure Representation
[L04-1441]: Kiyong Lee | Lou Burnard | Laurent Romary | Eric de la Clergerie | Thierry Declerck | Syd Bauman | Harry Bunt | Lionel Clément | Tomaž Erjavec | Azim Roussanaly | Claude Roux

Pdf Export Search Processing and Representing Temporally Sequential Events
[Y04-1001]: Kiyong Lee


Pdf Export Search A Simple Syntax for Complex Semantics
[Y02-1002]: Kiyong Lee


Pdf Export Search Developing Database Semantics as a Computational Model
[Y00-1023]: Kiyong Lee


Pdf Export Search Recursion Problems in Concatenation : A Case of Korean Morphology
[Y95-1027]: Kiyong Lee