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Pdf Export Search Enumeration of Extractive Oracle Summaries
[E17-1037]: Tsutomu Hirao | Masaaki Nishino | Jun Suzuki | Masaaki Nagata

Pdf Export Search Cutting-off Redundant Repeating Generations for Neural Abstractive Summarization
[E17-2047]: Jun Suzuki | Masaaki Nagata


Pdf Export Search Neural Headline Generation on Abstract Meaning Representation
[D16-1112]: Sho Takase | Jun Suzuki | Naoaki Okazaki | Tsutomu Hirao | Masaaki Nagata

Pdf Export Search Right-truncatable Neural Word Embeddings
[N16-1135]: Jun Suzuki | Masaaki Nagata

Pdf Export Search Phrase Table Pruning via Submodular Function Maximization
[P16-2066]: Masaaki Nishino | Jun Suzuki | Masaaki Nagata


Pdf Export Search A Unified Learning Framework of Skip-Grams and Global Vectors
[P15-2031]: Jun Suzuki | Masaaki Nagata


Pdf Export Search Dependency-based Discourse Parser for Single-Document Summarization
[D14-1196]: Yasuhisa Yoshida | Jun Suzuki | Tsutomu Hirao | Masaaki Nagata


Pdf Export Search Shift-Reduce Word Reordering for Machine Translation
[D13-1139]: Katsuhiko Hayashi | Katsuhito Sudoh | Hajime Tsukada | Jun Suzuki | Masaaki Nagata

Pdf Export Search Supervised Model Learning with Feature Grouping based on a Discrete Constraint
[P13-2004]: Jun Suzuki | Masaaki Nagata


Pdf Export Search Distributed Minimum Error Rate Training of SMT using Particle Swarm Optimization
[I11-1073]: Jun Suzuki | Kevin Duh | Masaaki Nagata

Pdf Export Search Learning Condensed Feature Representations from Large Unsupervised Data Sets for Supervised Learning
[P11-2112]: Jun Suzuki | Hideki Isozaki | Masaaki Nagata


Pdf Export Search An Empirical Study of Semi-supervised Structured Conditional Models for Dependency Parsing
[D09-1058]: Jun Suzuki | Hideki Isozaki | Xavier Carreras | Michael Collins

Pdf Export Search A Syntax-Free Approach to Japanese Sentence Compression
[P09-1093]: Tsutomu Hirao | Jun Suzuki | Hideki Isozaki


Pdf Export Search Multi-label Text Categorization with Model Combination based on F1-score Maximization
[I08-2116]: Akinori Fujino | Hideki Isozaki | Jun Suzuki

Pdf Export Search Semi-Supervised Sequential Labeling and Segmentation Using Giga-Word Scale Unlabeled Data
[P08-1076]: Jun Suzuki | Hideki Isozaki


Pdf Export Search Online Large-Margin Training for Statistical Machine Translation
[D07-1080]: Taro Watanabe | Jun Suzuki | Hajime Tsukada | Hideki Isozaki

Pdf Export Search Semi-Supervised Structured Output Learning Based on a Hybrid Generative and Discriminative Approach
[D07-1083]: Jun Suzuki | Akinori Fujino | Hideki Isozaki


Pdf Export Search Training Conditional Random Fields with Multivariate Evaluation Measures
[P06-1028]: Jun Suzuki | Erik McDermott | Hideki Isozaki


Pdf Export Search Boosting-based Parse Reranking with Subtree Features
[P05-1024]: Taku Kudo | Jun Suzuki | Hideki Isozaki


Pdf Export Search Dependency-based Sentence Alignment for Multiple Document Summarization
[C04-1064]: Tsutomu Hirao | Jun Suzuki | Hideki Isozaki | Eisaku Maeda

Pdf Export Search Convolution Kernels with Feature Selection for Natural Language Processing Tasks
[P04-1016]: Jun Suzuki | Hideki Isozaki | Eisaku Maeda


Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Directed Acyclic Graph Kernel: Methods for Structured Natural Language Data
[P03-1005]: Jun Suzuki | Tsutomu Hirao | Yutaka Sasaki | Eisaku Maeda

Pdf Export Search Question Classification using HDAG Kernel
[W03-1208]: Jun Suzuki | Hirotoshi Taira | Yutaka Sasaki | Eisaku Maeda