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Pdf Export Search Towards Universal Dependencies for Learner Chinese
[W17-0408]: John Lee | Herman Leung | Keying Li

Pdf Export Search Distractor Generation for Chinese Fill-in-the-blank Items
[W17-5015]: Shu Jiang | John Lee

Pdf Export Search L1-L2 Parallel Dependency Treebank as Learner Corpus
[W17-6306]: John Lee | Keying Li | Herman Leung

Pdf Export Search Splitting Complex English Sentences
[W17-6307]: John Lee | J. Buddhika K. Pathirage Don

Pdf Export Search Quantitative Comparative Syntax on the Cantonese-Mandarin Parallel Dependency Treebank
[W17-6530]: Tak-sum Wong | Kim Gerdes | Herman Leung | John Lee


Pdf Export Search A Reading Environment for Learners of Chinese as a Foreign Language
[C16-2003]: John Lee | Chun Yin Lam | Shu Jiang

Pdf Export Search A Customizable Editor for Text Simplification
[C16-2020]: John Lee | Wenlong Zhao | Wenxiu Xie

Pdf Export Search A CALL System for Learning Preposition Usage
[P16-1093]: John Lee | Donald Sturgeon | Mengqi Luo

Pdf Export Search Personalized Exercises for Preposition Learning
[P16-4020]: John Lee | Mengqi Luo

Pdf Export Search Developing Universal Dependencies for Mandarin Chinese
[W16-5403]: Herman Leung | Rafaƫl Poiret | Tak-sum Wong | Xinying Chen | Kim Gerdes | John Lee


Pdf Export Search Automatic Detection of Sentence Fragments
[P15-2099]: Chak Yan Yeung | John Lee


Pdf Export Search Automatic Detection of Comma Splices
[Y14-1063]: John Lee | Chak Yan Yeung | Martin Chodorow


Pdf Export Search Treebanking for Data-driven Research in the Classroom
[W13-3409]: John Lee | Ying Cheuk Hui | Yin Hei Kong


Pdf Export Search Glimpses of Ancient China from Classical Chinese Poems
[C12-2061]: John Lee | Tak-sum Wong

Pdf Export Search A Dependency Treebank of Classical Chinese Poems
[N12-1020]: John Lee | Yin Hei Kong

Pdf Export Search A Corpus of Textual Revisions in Second Language Writing
[P12-2049]: John Lee | Jonathan Webster

Pdf Export Search A Classical Chinese Corpus with Nested Part-of-Speech Tags
[W12-1011]: John Lee

Pdf Export Search Extracting Networks of People and Places from Literary Texts
[Y12-1022]: John Lee | Chak Yan Yeung


Pdf Export Search Toward a Parallel Corpus of Spoken Cantonese and Written Chinese
[I11-1174]: John Lee

Pdf Export Search A Discriminative Model for Joint Morphological Disambiguation and Dependency Parsing
[P11-1089]: John Lee | Jason Naradowsky | David A. Smith


Pdf Export Search Porting an Ancient Greek and Latin Treebank
[L10-1433]: John Lee | Dag Haug


Pdf Export Search Human Evaluation of Article and Noun Number Usage: Influences of Context and Construction Variability
[W09-3010]: John Lee | Joel Tetreault | Martin Chodorow


Pdf Export Search Correcting Misuse of Verb Forms
[P08-1021]: John Lee | Stephanie Seneff

Pdf Export Search A Nearest-Neighbor Approach to the Automatic Analysis of Ancient Greek Morphology
[W08-2117]: John Lee


Pdf Export Search Detection of Non-Native Sentences Using Machine-Translated Training Data
[N07-2024]: John Lee | Ming Zhou | Xiaohua Liu

Pdf Export Search Detecting Erroneous Sentences using Automatically Mined Sequential Patterns
[P07-1011]: Guihua Sun | Xiaohua Liu | Gao Cong | Ming Zhou | Zhongyang Xiong | John Lee | Chin-Yew Lin

Pdf Export Search A Computational Model of Text Reuse in Ancient Literary Texts
[P07-1060]: John Lee


Pdf Export Search Combining Statistical and Knowledge-Based Spoken Language Understanding in Conditional Models
[P06-2113]: Ye-Yi Wang | Alex Acero | Milind Mahajan | John Lee


Pdf Export Search Automatic Article Restoration
[N04-2006]: John Lee


Pdf Export Search Referring to Displays in Multimodal Interfaces
[W97-1411]: Daqing He | Graeme Ritchie | John Lee