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Pdf Export Search The Parallel Meaning Bank: Towards a Multilingual Corpus of Translations Annotated with Compositional Meaning Representations
[E17-2039]: Lasha Abzianidze | Johannes Bjerva | Kilian Evang | Hessel Haagsma | Rik van Noord | Pierre Ludmann | Duc-Duy Nguyen | Johan Bos

Pdf Export Search SU-RUG at the CoNLL-SIGMORPHON 2017 shared task: Morphological Inflection with Attentional Sequence-to-Sequence Models
[K17-2012]: Robert Östling | Johannes Bjerva

Pdf Export Search Cross-lingual Learning of Semantic Textual Similarity with Multilingual Word Representations
[W17-0224]: Johannes Bjerva | Robert Östling

Pdf Export Search Will my auxiliary tagging task help? Estimating Auxiliary Tasks Effectivity in Multi-Task Learning
[W17-0225]: Johannes Bjerva

Pdf Export Search Neural Networks and Spelling Features for Native Language Identification
[W17-5025]: Johannes Bjerva | Gintare Grigonyte | Robert Östling | Barbara Plank

Pdf Export Search The Power of Character N-grams in Native Language Identification
[W17-5043]: Artur Kulmizev | Bo Blankers | Johannes Bjerva | Malvina Nissim | Gertjan van Noord | Barbara Plank | Martijn Wieling

Pdf Export Search ResSim at SemEval-2017 Task 1: Multilingual Word Representations for Semantic Textual Similarity
[S17-2021]: Johannes Bjerva | Robert Östling


Pdf Export Search Semantic Tagging with Deep Residual Networks
[C16-1333]: Johannes Bjerva | Barbara Plank | Johan Bos

Pdf Export Search The Meaning Factory at SemEval-2016 Task 8: Producing AMRs with Boxer
[S16-1182]: Johannes Bjerva | Johan Bos | Hessel Haagsma

Pdf Export Search Detecting novel metaphor using selectional preference information
[W16-1102]: Hessel Haagsma | Johannes Bjerva

Pdf Export Search Morphological Complexity Influences Verb-Object Order in Swedish Sign Language
[W16-4116]: Johannes Bjerva | Carl Börstell

Pdf Export Search Byte-based Language Identification with Deep Convolutional Networks
[W16-4816]: Johannes Bjerva


Pdf Export Search Word Embeddings Pointing the Way for Late Antiquity
[W15-3708]: Johannes Bjerva | Raf Praet


Pdf Export Search Multi-class Animacy Classification with Semantic Features
[E14-3008]: Johannes Bjerva

Pdf Export Search The Meaning Factory: Formal Semantics for Recognizing Textual Entailment and Determining Semantic Similarity
[S14-2114]: Johannes Bjerva | Johan Bos | Rob van der Goot | Malvina Nissim