Pdf Export Search Weighted Krippendorff's alpha is a more reliable metrics for multi-coders ordinal annotations: experimental studies on emotion, opinion and coreference annotation
[E14-1058]: Jean-Yves Antoine | Jeanne Villaneau | Anaïs Lefeuvre

Pdf Export Search ANCOR_Centre, a large free spoken French coreference corpus: description of the resource and reliability measures
[L14-1169]: Judith Muzerelle | Anaïs Lefeuvre | Emmanuel Schang | Jean-Yves Antoine | Aurore Pelletier | Denis Maurel | Iris Eshkol | Jeanne Villaneau


Pdf Export Search ANCOR, the first large French speaking corpus of conversational speech annotated in coreference to be freely available (ANCOR, premier corpus de français parlé d’envergure annoté en coréférence et distribué librement) [in French]
[F13-2007]: Judith Muzerelle | Anaïs Lefeuvre | Jean-Yves Antoine | Emmanuel Schang | Denis Maurel | Jeanne Villaneau | Iris Eshkol


Pdf Export Search A French Fairy Tale Corpus syntactically and semantically annotated
[L12-1076]: Ismaïl El Maarouf | Jeanne Villaneau

Pdf Export Search Parenthetical Classification for Information Extraction
[C12-2030]: Ismaïl El Maarouf | Jeanne Villaneau


Pdf Export Search Deeper Spoken Language Understanding for Man-Machine Dialogue on Broader Application Domains: A Logical Alternative to Concept Spotting
[W09-0507]: Jeanne Villaneau | Jean-Yves Antoine


Pdf Export Search Predictive and objective evaluation of speech understanding: the “challenge” evaluation campaign of the I3 speech workgroup of the French CNRS.
[L02-1208]: Jean-Yves Antoine | Caroline Bousquet-Vernhettes | Jérôme Goulian | Mohamed Zakaria Kurdi | Sophie Rosset | Nadine Vigouroux | Jeanne Villaneau


Pdf Export Search Obtaining Predictive Results with an Objective Evaluation of Spoken Dialogue Systems: Experiments with the DCR Assessment Paradigm
[L00-1027]: Jean-Yves Antoine | Jacques Siroux | Jean Caelen | Jeanne Villaneau | Jérôme Goulian | Mohamed Ahafhaf