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Pdf Export Search Note Translating Neuralese
[P17-1022]: Jacob Andreas | Anca Dragan | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search A Minimal Span-Based Neural Constituency Parser
[P17-1076]: Mitchell Stern | Jacob Andreas | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the First Workshop on Language Grounding for Robotics
[W17-2800]: Mohit Bansal | Cynthia Matuszek | Jacob Andreas | Yoav Artzi | Yonatan Bisk

Pdf Export Search Analogs of Linguistic Structure in Deep Representations
[D17-1311]: Jacob Andreas | Dan Klein


Pdf Export Search Reasoning about Pragmatics with Neural Listeners and Speakers
[D16-1125]: Jacob Andreas | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search Learning to Compose Neural Networks for Question Answering
[N16-1181]: Jacob Andreas | Marcus Rohrbach | Trevor Darrell | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the NAACL Student Research Workshop
[N16-2000]: Jacob Andreas | Eunsol Choi | Angeliki Lazaridou


Pdf Export Search Alignment-Based Compositional Semantics for Instruction Following
[D15-1138]: Jacob Andreas | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search When and why are log-linear models self-normalizing?
[N15-1027]: Jacob Andreas | Dan Klein


Pdf Export Search How much do word embeddings encode about syntax?
[P14-2133]: Jacob Andreas | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search Grounding Language with Points and Paths in Continuous Spaces
[W14-1607]: Jacob Andreas | Dan Klein


Pdf Export Search Parsing Graphs with Hyperedge Replacement Grammars
[P13-1091]: David Chiang | Jacob Andreas | Daniel Bauer | Karl Moritz Hermann | Bevan Jones | Kevin Knight

Pdf Export Search Semantic Parsing as Machine Translation
[P13-2009]: Jacob Andreas | Andreas Vlachos | Stephen Clark

Pdf Export Search A Generative Model of Vector Space Semantics
[W13-3211]: Jacob Andreas | Zoubin Ghahramani


Pdf Export Search Annotating Agreement and Disagreement in Threaded Discussion
[L12-1650]: Jacob Andreas | Sara Rosenthal | Kathleen McKeown

Pdf Export Search Detecting Influencers in Written Online Conversations
[W12-2105]: Or Biran | Sara Rosenthal | Jacob Andreas | Kathleen McKeown | Owen Rambow

Pdf Export Search Semantics-Based Machine Translation with Hyperedge Replacement Grammars
[C12-1083]: Bevan Jones | Jacob Andreas | Daniel Bauer | Karl Moritz Hermann | Kevin Knight


Pdf Export Search Fuzzy Syntactic Reordering for Phrase-based Statistical Machine Translation
[W11-2127]: Jacob Andreas | Nizar Habash | Owen Rambow


Pdf Export Search Towards Semi-Automated Annotation for Prepositional Phrase Attachment
[L10-1572]: Sara Rosenthal | William Lipovsky | Kathleen McKeown | Kapil Thadani | Jacob Andreas

Pdf Export Search Corpus Creation for New Genres: A Crowdsourced Approach to PP Attachment
[W10-0702]: Mukund Jha | Jacob Andreas | Kapil Thadani | Sara Rosenthal | Kathleen McKeown