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Pdf Export Search An analysis of textual inference in German customer emails
[S14-1009]: Kathrin Eichler | Aleksandra Gabryszak | Günter Neumann


Pdf Export Search Design and Realization of the EXCITEMENT Open Platform for Textual Entailment
[W13-3810]: Günter Neumann | Sebastian Padó


Pdf Export Search An Adaptive Framework for Named Entity Combination
[L12-1213]: Bogdan Sacaleanu | Günter Neumann

Pdf Export Search Parsing Hindi with MDParser
[W12-5615]: Alexander Volokh | Günter Neumann


Pdf Export Search Automatic Detection and Correction of Errors in Dependency Treebanks
[P11-2060]: Alexander Volokh | Günter Neumann

Pdf Export Search A Mobile Touchable Application for Online Topic Graph Extraction and Exploration of Web Content
[P11-4004]: Günter Neumann | Sven Schmeier


Pdf Export Search DFKI KeyWE: Ranking Keyphrases Extracted from Scientific Articles
[S10-1031]: Kathrin Eichler | Günter Neumann

Pdf Export Search 372:Comparing the Benefit of Different Dependency Parsers for Textual Entailment Using Syntactic Constraints Only
[S10-1068]: Alexander Volokh | Günter Neumann


Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Relation Extraction From Web Documents
[L08-1001]: Kathrin Eichler | Holmer Hemsen | Günter Neumann

Pdf Export Search A Puristic Approach for Joint Dependency Parsing and Semantic Role Labeling
[W08-2129]: Alexander Volokh | Günter Neumann


Pdf Export Search DFKI2: An Information Extraction Based Approach to People Disambiguation
[S07-1027]: Andrea Heyl | Günter Neumann

Pdf Export Search Recognizing Textual Entailment Using Sentence Similarity based on Dependency Tree Skeletons
[W07-1406]: Rui Wang | Günter Neumann


Pdf Export Search Cross-Cutting Aspects of Cross-Language Question Answering Systems
[W06-1903]: Bogdan Sacaleanu | Günter Neumann


Pdf Export Search Automatic extraction of stochastic lexicalized tree grammars from treebanks
[W98-0131]: Günter Neumann