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Pdf Export Search May I take your order? A Neural Model for Extracting Structured Information from Conversations
[E17-1043]: Baolin Peng | Michael Seltzer | Y.C. Ju | Geoffrey Zweig | Kam-Fai Wong

Pdf Export Search Hybrid Code Networks: practical and efficient end-to-end dialog control with supervised and reinforcement learning
[P17-1062]: Jason D Williams | Kavosh Asadi | Geoffrey Zweig


Pdf Export Search Language Models for Image Captioning: The Quirks and What Works
[P15-2017]: Jacob Devlin | Hao Cheng | Hao Fang | Saurabh Gupta | Li Deng | Xiaodong He | Geoffrey Zweig | Margaret Mitchell


Pdf Export Search Joint Language and Translation Modeling with Recurrent Neural Networks
[D13-1106]: Michael Auli | Michel Galley | Chris Quirk | Geoffrey Zweig

Pdf Export Search Linguistic Regularities in Continuous Space Word Representations
[N13-1090]: Tomas Mikolov | Wen-tau Yih | Geoffrey Zweig

Pdf Export Search Combining Heterogeneous Models for Measuring Relational Similarity
[N13-1120]: Alisa Zhila | Wen-tau Yih | Christopher Meek | Geoffrey Zweig | Tomas Mikolov


Pdf Export Search Polarity Inducing Latent Semantic Analysis
[D12-1111]: Wen-tau Yih | Geoffrey Zweig | John Platt

Pdf Export Search Computational Approaches to Sentence Completion
[P12-1063]: Geoffrey Zweig | John C. Platt | Christopher Meek | Christopher J.C. Burges | Ainur Yessenalina | Qiang Liu

Pdf Export Search A Challenge Set for Advancing Language Modeling
[W12-2704]: Geoffrey Zweig | Chris J.C. Burges


Pdf Export Search Multi-scale Personalization for Voice Search Applications
[N09-2026]: Daniel BolaƱos | Geoffrey Zweig | Patrick Nguyen


Pdf Export Search Learning N-Best Correction Models from Implicit User Feedback in a Multi-Modal Local Search Application
[W08-0103]: Dan Bohus | Xiao Li | Patrick Nguyen | Geoffrey Zweig

Pdf Export Search Optimal Dialog in Consumer-Rating Systems using POMDP Framework
[W08-0118]: Zhifei Li | Patrick Nguyen | Geoffrey Zweig


Pdf Export Search Voice-Rate: A Dialog System for Consumer Ratings
[N07-4016]: Geoffrey Zweig | Y.C. Ju | Patrick Nguyen | Dong Yu | Ye-Yi Wang | Alex Acero


Pdf Export Search Information Extraction from Voicemail
[P01-1039]: Jing Huang | Geoffrey Zweig | Mukund Padmanabhan