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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Workshop on New Frontiers in Summarization
[W17-4500]: Lu Wang | Jackie Chi Kit Cheung | Giuseppe Carenini | Fei Liu

Pdf Export Search Gated End-to-End Memory Networks
[E17-1001]: Fei Liu | Julien Perez

Pdf Export Search Dialog state tracking, a machine reading approach using Memory Network
[E17-1029]: Julien Perez | Fei Liu

Pdf Export Search A Language-independent and Compositional Model for Personality Trait Recognition from Short Texts
[E17-1071]: Fei Liu | Julien Perez | Scott Nowson


Pdf Export Search Automatic Summarization of Student Course Feedback
[N16-1010]: Wencan Luo | Fei Liu | Zitao Liu | Diane Litman

Pdf Export Search VectorWeavers at SemEval-2016 Task 10: From Incremental Meaning to Semantic Unit (phrase by phrase)
[S16-1145]: Andreas Scherbakov | Ekaterina Vylomova | Fei Liu | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search A Recurrent and Compositional Model for Personality Trait Recognition from Short Texts
[W16-4303]: Fei Liu | Julien Perez | Scott Nowson

Pdf Export Search An Improved Phrase-based Approach to Annotating and Summarizing Student Course Responses
[C16-1006]: Wencan Luo | Fei Liu | Diane Litman


Pdf Export Search Toward Abstractive Summarization Using Semantic Representations
[N15-1114]: Fei Liu | Jeffrey Flanigan | Sam Thomson | Norman Sadeh | Noah A. Smith

Pdf Export Search Extractive Summarization by Maximizing Semantic Volume
[D15-1228]: Dani Yogatama | Fei Liu | Noah A. Smith


Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Alignment of Privacy Policies using Hidden Markov Models
[P14-2099]: Rohan Ramanath | Fei Liu | Norman Sadeh | Noah A. Smith

Pdf Export Search Automatic Identification of Expressions of Locations in Tweet Messages using Conditional Random Fields
[U14-1025]: Fei Liu | Afshin Rahimi | Bahar Salehi | Miji Choi | Ping Tan | Long Duong

Pdf Export Search A Step Towards Usable Privacy Policy: Automatic Alignment of Privacy Statements
[C14-1084]: Fei Liu | Rohan Ramanath | Norman Sadeh | Noah A. Smith

Pdf Export Search Improving Multi-documents Summarization by Sentence Compression based on Expanded Constituent Parse Trees
[D14-1076]: Chen Li | Yang Liu | Fei Liu | Lin Zhao | Fuliang Weng


Pdf Export Search A Participant-based Approach for Event Summarization Using Twitter Streams
[N13-1135]: Chao Shen | Fei Liu | Fuliang Weng | Tao Li

Pdf Export Search Document Summarization via Guided Sentence Compression
[D13-1047]: Chen Li | Fei Liu | Fuliang Weng | Yang Liu


Pdf Export Search A Broad-Coverage Normalization System for Social Media Language
[P12-1109]: Fei Liu | Fuliang Weng | Xiao Jiang


Pdf Export Search Learning from Chinese-English Parallel Data for Chinese Tense Prediction
[I11-1125]: Feifan Liu | Fei Liu | Yang Liu

Pdf Export Search Insertion, Deletion, or Substitution? Normalizing Text Messages without Pre-categorization nor Supervision
[P11-2013]: Fei Liu | Fuliang Weng | Bingqing Wang | Yang Liu

Pdf Export Search Why is "SXSW" trending? Exploring Multiple Text Sources for Twitter Topic Summarization
[W11-0709]: Fei Liu | Yang Liu | Fuliang Weng


Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Approaches for Automatic Keyword Extraction Using Meeting Transcripts
[N09-1070]: Feifan Liu | Deana Pennell | Fei Liu | Yang Liu

Pdf Export Search From Extractive to Abstractive Meeting Summaries: Can It Be Done by Sentence Compression?
[P09-2066]: Fei Liu | Yang Liu


Pdf Export Search What Are Meeting Summaries? An Analysis of Human Extractive Summaries in Meeting Corpus
[W08-0112]: Fei Liu | Yang Liu