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Pdf Export Search Towards Implicit Content-Introducing for Generative Short-Text Conversation Systems
[D17-1232]: Lili Yao | Yaoyuan Zhang | Yansong Feng | Dongyan Zhao | Rui Yan

Pdf Export Search Learning to Predict Charges for Criminal Cases with Legal Basis
[D17-1288]: Bingfeng Luo | Yansong Feng | Jianbo Xu | Xiang Zhang | Dongyan Zhao

Pdf Export Search Learning with Noise: Enhance Distantly Supervised Relation Extraction with Dynamic Transition Matrix
[P17-1040]: Bingfeng Luo | Yansong Feng | Zheng Wang | Zhanxing Zhu | Songfang Huang | Rui Yan | Dongyan Zhao

Pdf Export Search How to Make Context More Useful? An Empirical Study on Context-Aware Neural Conversational Models
[P17-2036]: Zhiliang Tian | Rui Yan | Lili Mou | Yiping Song | Yansong Feng | Dongyan Zhao


Pdf Export Search Hybrid Question Answering over Knowledge Base and Free Text
[C16-1226]: kun xu | Yansong Feng | Songfang Huang | Dongyan Zhao

Pdf Export Search Question Answering on Freebase via Relation Extraction and Textual Evidence
[P16-1220]: Kun Xu | Siva Reddy | Yansong Feng | Songfang Huang | Dongyan Zhao


Pdf Export Search Semantic Relation Classification via Convolutional Neural Networks with Simple Negative Sampling
[D15-1062]: Kun Xu | Yansong Feng | Songfang Huang | Dongyan Zhao

Pdf Export Search Semantic Interpretation of Superlative Expressions via Structured Knowledge Bases
[P15-2037]: Sheng Zhang | Yansong Feng | Songfang Huang | Kun Xu | Zhe Han | Dongyan Zhao


Pdf Export Search Joint Inference for Knowledge Base Population
[D14-1205]: Liwei Chen | Yansong Feng | Jinghui Mo | Songfang Huang | Dongyan Zhao

Pdf Export Search Encoding Relation Requirements for Relation Extraction via Joint Inference
[P14-1077]: Liwei Chen | Yansong Feng | Songfang Huang | Yong Qin | Dongyan Zhao


Pdf Export Search Towards Automatic Construction of Knowledge Bases from Chinese Online Resources
[W12-3312]: Liwei Chen | Yansong Feng | Yidong Chen | Lei Zou | Dongyan Zhao

Pdf Export Search Explore Person Specific Evidence in Web Person Name Disambiguation
[D12-1076]: Liwei Chen | Yansong Feng | Lei Zou | Dongyan Zhao