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Pdf Export Search Attachment Steering Output Style and Topic in Neural Response Generation
[D17-1227]: Di Wang | Nebojsa Jojic | Chris Brockett | Eric Nyberg


Pdf Export Search A Dataset and Evaluation Metrics for Abstractive Compression of Sentences and Short Paragraphs
[D16-1033]: Kristina Toutanova | Chris Brockett | Ke M. Tran | Saleema Amershi

Pdf Export Search A Diversity-Promoting Objective Function for Neural Conversation Models
[N16-1014]: Jiwei Li | Michel Galley | Chris Brockett | Jianfeng Gao | Bill Dolan

Pdf Export Search A Persona-Based Neural Conversation Model
[P16-1094]: Jiwei Li | Michel Galley | Chris Brockett | Georgios Spithourakis | Jianfeng Gao | Bill Dolan


Pdf Export Search A Neural Network Approach to Context-Sensitive Generation of Conversational Responses
[N15-1020]: Alessandro Sordoni | Michel Galley | Michael Auli | Chris Brockett | Yangfeng Ji | Margaret Mitchell | Jian-Yun Nie | Jianfeng Gao | Bill Dolan

Pdf Export Search deltaBLEU: A Discriminative Metric for Generation Tasks with Intrinsically Diverse Targets
[P15-2073]: Michel Galley | Chris Brockett | Alessandro Sordoni | Yangfeng Ji | Michael Auli | Chris Quirk | Margaret Mitchell | Jianfeng Gao | Bill Dolan


Pdf Export Search Diverse Words, Shared Meanings: Statistical Machine Translation for Paraphrase, Grounding, and Intent
[U12-1002]: Chris Brockett


Pdf Export Search Hitting the Right Paraphrases in Good Time
[N10-1017]: Stanley Kok | Chris Brockett


Pdf Export Search User Input and Interactions on Microsoft Research ESL Assistant
[W09-2111]: Claudia Leacock | Michael Gamon | Chris Brockett


Pdf Export Search Using Contextual Speller Techniques and Language Modeling for ESL Error Correction
[I08-1059]: Michael Gamon | Jianfeng Gao | Chris Brockett | Alexandre Klementiev | William B. Dolan | Dmitriy Belenko | Lucy Vanderwende


Pdf Export Search Correcting ESL Errors Using Phrasal SMT Techniques
[P06-1032]: Chris Brockett | William B. Dolan | Michael Gamon


Pdf Export Search Support Vector Machines for Paraphrase Identification and Corpus Construction
[I05-5001]: Chris Brockett | William B. Dolan

Pdf Export Search Automatically Constructing a Corpus of Sentential Paraphrases
[I05-5002]: William B. Dolan | Chris Brockett


Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Construction of Large Paraphrase Corpora: Exploiting Massively Parallel News Sources
[C04-1051]: Bill Dolan | Chris Quirk | Chris Brockett


Pdf Export Search English-Japanese Example-Based Machine Translation Using Abstract Linguistic Representations
[W02-1604]: Chris Brockett | Takako Aikawa | Anthony Aue | Arul Menezes | Chris Quirk | Hisami Suzuki


Pdf Export Search A Machine Learning Approach to the Automatic Evaluation of Machine Translation
[P01-1020]: Simon Corston-Oliver | Michael Gamon | Chris Brockett


Pdf Export Search Robust Segmentation of Japanese Text into a Lattice for Parsing
[C00-1057]: Gary Kacmarcik | Chris Brockett | Hisami Suzuki