Pdf Export Search ASR-based CALL systems and learner speech data: new resources and opportunities for research and development in second language learning
[L14-1181]: Catia Cucchiarini | Steve Bodnar | Bart Penning de Vries | Roeland Van Hout | Helmer Strik


Pdf Export Search The DISCO ASR-based CALL system: practicing L2 oral skills and beyond
[L12-1465]: Helmer Strik | Jozef Colpaert | Joost Van Doremalen | Catia Cucchiarini


Pdf Export Search Human Language Technology and Communicative Disabilities: Requirements and Possibilities for the Future
[L10-1177]: Marina B. Ruiter | Toni C. M. Rietveld | Catia Cucchiarini | Emiel J. Krahmer | Helmer Strik


Pdf Export Search The Dutch-Flemish Comprehensive Approach to HLT Stimulation and Innovation: STEVIN, HLT Agency and beyond
[L08-1065]: Peter Spyns | Elisabeth DÂ’Halleweyn | Catia Cucchiarini

Pdf Export Search Recording Speech of Children, Non-Natives and Elderly People for HLT Applications: the JASMIN-CGN Corpus.
[L08-1195]: Catia Cucchiarini | Joris Driesen | Hugo Van hamme | Eric Sanders


Pdf Export Search The New Dutch-Flemish HLT Programme: a Concerted Effort to Stimulate the HLT Sector
[L04-1303]: Catia Cucchiarini | Elisabeth D'Halleweyn

Pdf Export Search Improving Automatic Phonetic Transcription of Spontaneous Speech Through Variant-Based Pronunciation Variation Modelling
[L04-1344]: Diana Binnenpoorte | Catia Cucchiarini | Helmer Strik | Lou Boves


Pdf Export Search A Human Language Technologies Platform for the Dutch language: awareness, management maintenance and distribution.
[L02-1251]: Catia Cucchiarini | Elisabeth D'Halleweyn | Lisanne Teunissen


Pdf Export Search NL-Translex: Machine Translation for Dutch
[L00-1221]: Catia Cucchiarini | Johan Van Hoorde | Elizabeth D'Halleweyn