Pdf Export Search SIMPLIFICA: a tool for authoring simplified texts in Brazilian Portuguese guided by readability assessments
[N10-2011]: Carolina Scarton | Matheus Oliveira | Arnaldo Candido Jr. | Caroline Gasperin | Sandra Aluísio

Pdf Export Search Readability Assessment for Text Simplification
[W10-1001]: Sandra Aluisio | Lucia Specia | Caroline Gasperin | Carolina Scarton

Pdf Export Search Computational Linguistics in Brazil: An Overview
[W10-1601]: Thiago Pardo | Caroline Gasperin | Helena de Medeiros Caseli | Maria das Graças Nunes

Pdf Export Search Fostering Digital Inclusion and Accessibility: The PorSimples project for Simplification of Portuguese Texts
[W10-1607]: Sandra Aluisio | Caroline Gasperin


Pdf Export Search Active Learning for Anaphora Resolution
[W09-1901]: Caroline Gasperin

Pdf Export Search Supporting the Adaptation of Texts for Poor Literacy Readers: a Text Simplification Editor for Brazilian Portuguese
[W09-2105]: Arnaldo Candido | Erick Maziero | Lucia Specia | Caroline Gasperin | Thiago Pardo | Sandra Aluisio


Pdf Export Search Statistical Anaphora Resolution in Biomedical Texts
[C08-1033]: Caroline Gasperin | Ted Briscoe


Pdf Export Search Semi-supervised anaphora resolution in biomedical texts
[W06-3316]: Caroline Gasperin

Pdf Export Search Bootstrapping and Evaluating Named Entity Recognition in the Biomedical Domain
[W06-3328]: Andreas Vlachos | Caroline Gasperin


Pdf Export Search Can Anaphoric Definite Descriptions be Replaced by Pronouns?
[L04-1462]: Judita Preiss | Caroline Gasperin | Ted Briscoe

Pdf Export Search Using Word Similarity Lists for Resolving Indirect Anaphora
[W04-0706]: Caroline Gasperin | Renata Vieira


Pdf Export Search From Concrete to Virtual Annotation Mark-up Language: The Case of COMMOn-REFs
[W03-1902]: Renata Vieira | Caroline Gasperin | Rodrigo Goulart | Susanne Salmon-Alt


Pdf Export Search Evaluation of parsed corpora: Experiments in user-transparent and user-visible evaluation.
[L02-1015]: Diana Santos | Caroline Gasperin