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Pdf Export Search XRCE at SemEval-2016 Task 5: Feedbacked Ensemble Modeling on Syntactico-Semantic Knowledge for Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis
[S16-1044]: Caroline Brun | Julien Perez | Claude Roux

Pdf Export Search Steps Toward Automatic Understanding of the Function of Affective Language in Support Groups
[W16-6205]: Amit Navindgi | Caroline Brun | Cécile Boulard Masson | Scott Nowson


Pdf Export Search Motivating Personality-aware Machine Translation
[D15-1130]: Shachar Mirkin | Scott Nowson | Caroline Brun | Julien Perez


Pdf Export Search Part of Speech Tagging for French Social Media Data
[C14-1166]: Farhad Nooralahzadeh | Caroline Brun | Claude Roux

Pdf Export Search Decomposing Hashtags to Improve Tweet Polarity Classification (Décomposition des « hash tags » pour l’amélioration de la classification en polarité des « tweets ») [in French]
[F14-2015]: Caroline Brun | Claude Roux

Pdf Export Search Investigating the Image of Entities in Social Media: Dataset Design and First Results
[L14-1272]: Julien Velcin | Young-Min Kim | Caroline Brun | Jean-Yves Dormagen | Eric SanJuan | Leila Khouas | Anne Peradotto | Stéphane Bonnevay | Claude Roux | Julien Boyadjian | Alejandro Molina | Marie Neihouser

Pdf Export Search XRCE: Hybrid Classification for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis
[S14-2149]: Caroline Brun | Diana Nicoleta Popa | Claude Roux


Pdf Export Search Learning Opinionated Patterns for Contextual Opinion Detection
[C12-2017]: Caroline Brun

Pdf Export Search Propagation de polarités dans des familles de mots : impact de la morphologie dans la construction d'un lexique pour l'analyse de sentiments (Spreading Polarities among Word Families: Impact of Morphology on Building a Lexicon for Sentiment Analysis) [in French]
[F12-2045]: Nuria Gala | Caroline Brun

Pdf Export Search A Graphical User Interface for Feature-Based Opinion Mining
[N12-3002]: Pedro Paulo Balage Filho | Caroline Brun | Gilbert Rondeau

Pdf Export Search Opinion and Suggestion Analysis for Expert Recommendations
[W12-0608]: Anna Stavrianou | Caroline Brun

Pdf Export Search Linguistically-Adapted Structural Query Annotation for Digital Libraries in the Social Sciences
[W12-1009]: Caroline Brun | Vassilina Nikoulina | Nikolaos Lagos


Pdf Export Search Detecting Opinions Using Deep Syntactic Analysis
[R11-1054]: Caroline Brun


Pdf Export Search Controlled Authoring of Biological Experiment Reports
[E03-2003]: Caroline Brun | Marc Dymetman | Eric Fanchon | Stanislas Lhomme

Pdf Export Search Normalization and Paraphrasing Using Symbolic Methods
[W03-1606]: Caroline Brun | Caroline Hagège


Pdf Export Search A Client/Server Architecture for Word Sense Disambiguation
[C00-1020]: Caroline Brun

Pdf Export Search Document structure and multilingual authoring
[W00-1404]: Caroline Brun | Marc Dymetman | Veronika Lux


Pdf Export Search Terminology Finite-State Preprocessing for Computational LFG
[C98-1030]: Caroline Brun

Pdf Export Search Terminology Finite-state Preprocessing for Computational LFG
[P98-1030]: Caroline Brun