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Pdf Export Search A Societal Sentiment Analysis: Predicting the Values and Ethics of Individuals by Analysing Social Media Content
[E17-1069]: Tushar Maheshwari | Aishwarya N. Reganti | Samiksha Gupta | Anupam Jamatia | Upendra Kumar | Björn Gambäck | Amitava Das

Pdf Export Search Twitter Topic Modeling by Tweet Aggregation
[W17-0210]: Asbjørn Steinskog | Jonas Therkelsen | Björn Gambäck

Pdf Export Search Using Convolutional Neural Networks to Classify Hate-Speech
[W17-3013]: Björn Gambäck | Utpal Kumar Sikdar

Pdf Export Search A Feature-based Ensemble Approach to Recognition of Emerging and Rare Named Entities
[W17-4424]: Utpal Kumar Sikdar | Björn Gambäck


Pdf Export Search NTNUSentEval at SemEval-2016 Task 4: Combining General Classifiers for Fast Twitter Sentiment Analysis
[S16-1014]: Brage Ekroll Jahren | Valerij Fredriksen | Björn Gambäck | Lars Bungum

Pdf Export Search Feature-Rich Twitter Named Entity Recognition and Classification
[W16-3922]: Utpal Kumar Sikdar | Björn Gambäck

Pdf Export Search Language Identification in Code-Switched Text Using Conditional Random Fields and Babelnet
[W16-5817]: Utpal Kumar Sikdar | Björn Gambäck

Pdf Export Search Twitter Named Entity Extraction and Linking Using Differential Evolution
[W16-6326]: Utpal Kumar Sikdar | Björn Gambäck


Pdf Export Search Part-of-Speech Tagging for Code-Mixed English-Hindi Twitter and Facebook Chat Messages
[R15-1033]: Anupam Jamatia | Björn Gambäck | Amitava Das

Pdf Export Search Negation Scope Detection for Twitter Sentiment Analysis
[W15-2914]: Johan Reitan | Jørgen Faret | Björn Gambäck | Lars Bungum

Pdf Export Search Self-Organizing Maps for Classification of a Multi-Labeled Corpus
[W15-5906]: Lars Bungum | Björn Gambäck

Pdf Export Search Sentence Boundary Detection for Social Media Text
[W15-5938]: Dwijen Rudrapal | Anupam Jamatia | Kunal Chakma | Amitava Das | Björn Gambäck


Pdf Export Search NTNU: Measuring Semantic Similarity with Sublexical Feature Representations and Soft Cardinality
[S14-2078]: André Lynum | Partha Pakray | Björn Gambäck | Sergio Jimenez

Pdf Export Search Agent-based modeling of language evolution
[W14-0510]: Torvald Lekvam | Björn Gambäck | Lars Bungum

Pdf Export Search Identifying Languages at the Word Level in Code-Mixed Indian Social Media Text
[W14-5152]: Amitava Das | Björn Gambäck


Pdf Export Search NTNU-CORE: Combining strong features for semantic similarity
[S13-1008]: Erwin Marsi | Hans Moen | Lars Bungum | Gleb Sizov | Björn Gambäck | André Lynum

Pdf Export Search NTNU: Domain Semi-Independent Short Message Sentiment Classification
[S13-2071]: Øyvind Selmer | Mikael Brevik | Björn Gambäck | Lars Bungum

Pdf Export Search Improving Word Translation Disambiguation by Capturing Multiword Expressions with Dictionaries
[W13-1003]: Lars Bungum | Björn Gambäck | André Lynum | Erwin Marsi

Pdf Export Search Towards Dynamic Word Sense Discrimination with Random Indexing
[W13-3210]: Hans Moen | Erwin Marsi | Björn Gambäck


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 2010 Workshop on Companionable Dialogue Systems
[W10-2700]: Yorick Wilks | Björn Gambäck | Morena Danieli


Pdf Export Search A Mobile Health and Fitness Companion Demonstrator
[E09-2017]: Olov Stahl | Björn Gambäck | Markku Turunen | Jaakko Hakulinen

Pdf Export Search Methods for Amharic Part-of-Speech Tagging
[W09-0715]: Björn Gambäck | Fredrik Olsson | Atelach Alemu Argaw | Lars Asker


Pdf Export Search Natural Language Processing at the School of Information Studies for Africa
[W05-0109]: Björn Gambäck | Gunnar Eriksson | Athanassia Fourla

Pdf Export Search Classifying Amharic News Text Using Self-Organizing Maps
[W05-0710]: Samuel Eyassu | Björn Gambäck


Pdf Export Search Experiences of Language Engineering Algorithm Reuse
[L00-1111]: Björn Gambäck | Fredrik Olsson

Pdf Export Search Composing a General-Purpose Toolbox for Swedish
[W00-1502]: Fredrik Olsson | Björn Gambäck

Pdf Export Search Designing a System for Swedish Spoken Document Retrieval
[W99-1017]: Botond Pakucs | Björn Gambäck


Pdf Export Search Underspecified Japanese Semantics in a Machine Translation System
[Y96-1006]: Björn Gambäck | Christian Lieske | Yoshiki Mori


Pdf Export Search Swedish Language Processing in the Spoken Language Translator
[W95-0203]: Björn Gambäck


Pdf Export Search Tagging Experiments Using Neural Networks
[W93-0406]: Martin Eineborg | Björn Gambäck

Pdf Export Search On Implementing Swedish Tense and Aspect
[W93-0408]: Björn Gambäck

Pdf Export Search Clustering Sentences – Making Sense of Synonymous Sentences
[W93-0412]: Jussi Karlgren | Björn Gambäck | Christer Samuelsson