Pdf Export Search Attempting to Bypass Alignment from Comparable Corpora via Pivot Language
[W15-3405]: Alexis Linard | Béatrice Daille | Emmanuel Morin


Pdf Export Search The impact of domains for Keyphrase extraction (Influence des domaines de spécialité dans l’extraction de termes-clés) [in French]
[F14-1002]: Adrien Bougouin | Florian Boudin | Béatrice Daille

Pdf Export Search Semi-compositional Method for Synonym Extraction of Multi-Word Terms
[L14-1534]: Béatrice Daille | Amir Hazem

Pdf Export Search Splitting of Compound Terms in non-Prototypical Compounding Languages
[W14-5702]: Elizaveta Clouet | Béatrice Daille


Pdf Export Search Identification, Alignment, and Tranlsation of Relational Adjectives from Comparable Corpora (Identification, alignement, et traductions des adjectifs relationnels en corpus comparables) [in French]
[F13-1023]: Rima Harastani | Béatrice Daille | Emmanuel Morin

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Compound Splitting (Segmentation Multilingue des Mots Composés) [in French]
[F13-2008]: Elizaveta Loginova-Clouet | Béatrice Daille

Pdf Export Search Apopsis Demonstrator for Tweet Analysis (Démonstrateur Apopsis pour l’analyse des tweets) [in French]
[F13-3011]: Sebastián Peña Saldarriaga | Damien Vintache | Béatrice Daille

Pdf Export Search TTC TermSuite - Terminological Alignment from Comparable Corpora (TTC TermSuite alignement terminologique à partir de corpus comparables) [in French]
[F13-3013]: Béatrice Daille | Rima Harastani

Pdf Export Search Ranking Translation Candidates Acquired from Comparable Corpora
[I13-1046]: Rima Harastani | Béatrice Daille | Emmanuel Morin

Pdf Export Search TopicRank: Graph-Based Topic Ranking for Keyphrase Extraction
[I13-1062]: Adrien Bougouin | Florian Boudin | Béatrice Daille


Pdf Export Search Extraction of Domain-Specific Bilingual Lexicon from Comparable Corpora: Compositional Translation and Ranking
[C12-1046]: Estelle Delpech | Béatrice Daille | Emmanuel Morin | Claire Lemaire

Pdf Export Search Revising the Compositional Method for Terminology Acquisition from Comparable Corpora
[C12-1110]: Emmanuel Morin | Béatrice Daille

Pdf Export Search Compositionnalité et contextes issus de corpus comparables pour la traduction terminologique (Compositionality and Context for Bilingual Lexicon Extraction from Comparable Corpora) [in French]
[F12-2011]: Emmanuel Morin | Béatrice Daille


Pdf Export Search Learning Subjectivity Phrases missing from Resources through a Large Set of Semantic Tests
[L10-1141]: Matthieu Vernier | Laura Monceaux | Béatrice Daille

Pdf Export Search UNPMC: Naive Approach to Extract Keyphrases from Scientific Articles
[S10-1038]: Jungyeul Park | Jong Gun Lee | Béatrice Daille


Pdf Export Search Compilation of Specialized Comparable Corpora in French and Japanese
[W09-3110]: Lorraine Goeuriot | Emmanuel Morin | Béatrice Daille


Pdf Export Search An Effective Compositional Model for Lexical Alignment
[I08-1013]: Béatrice Daille | Emmanuel Morin

Pdf Export Search Characterization of Scientific and Popular Science Discourse in French, Japanese and Russian
[L08-1314]: Lorraine Goeuriot | Natalia Grabar | Béatrice Daille


Pdf Export Search Bilingual Terminology Mining - Using Brain, not brawn comparable corpora
[P07-1084]: Emmanuel Morin | Béatrice Daille | Koichi Takeuchi | Kyo Kageura


Pdf Export Search French-English Multi-word Term Alignment Based on Lexical Context Analysis
[L04-1348]: Béatrice Daille | Samuel Dufour-Kowalski | Emmanuel Morin

Pdf Export Search Construction of Grammar Based Term Extraction Model for Japanese
[W04-1814]: Koichi Takeuchi | Kyo Kageura | Béatrice Daille | Laurent Romary


Pdf Export Search Conceptual Structuring through Term Variations
[W03-1802]: Béatrice Daille


Pdf Export Search Incremental Recognition and Referential Categorization of French Proper Names.
[L02-1272]: Nordine Fourour | Emmanuel Morin | Béatrice Daille