Pdf Export Search A Multifaceted Evaluation of Neural versus Phrase-Based Machine Translation for 9 Language Directions
[E17-1100]: Antonio Toral | Víctor M. Sánchez-Cartagena


Pdf Export Search Abu-MaTran at WMT 2016 Translation Task: Deep Learning, Morphological Segmentation and Tuning on Character Sequences
[W16-2322]: Víctor M. Sánchez-Cartagena | Antonio Toral

Pdf Export Search Re-assessing the Impact of SMT Techniques with Human Evaluation: a Case Study on English—Croatian
[W16-3423]: Antonio Toral | Raphael Rubino | Gema Ramírez-Sánchez


Pdf Export Search Translating Literary Text between Related Languages using SMT
[W15-0714]: Antonio Toral | Andy Way

Pdf Export Search Abu-MaTran at WMT 2015 Translation Task: Morphological Segmentation and Web Crawling
[W15-3022]: Raphael Rubino | Tommi Pirinen | Miquel Esplà-Gomis | Nikola Ljubešić | Sergio Ortiz Rojas | Vassilis Papavassiliou | Prokopis Prokopidis | Antonio Toral

Pdf Export Search Dependency-based Reordering Model for Constituent Pairs in Hierarchical SMT
[W15-4906]: Arefeh Kazemi | Antonio Toral | Andy Way | Amirhassan Monadjemi | Mohammadali Nematbakhsh

Pdf Export Search Abu-MaTran: Automatic building of Machine Translation
[W15-4944]: Antonio Toral | Tommi A. Pirinen | Andy Way | Gema Ramírez-Sánchez | Sergio Ortiz Rojas | Raphael Rubino | Miquel Esplà | Mikel L. Forcada | Vassilis Papavassiliou | Prokopis Prokopidis | Nikola Ljubešić


Pdf Export Search Active Learning for Post-Editing Based Incrementally Retrained MT
[E14-4036]: Aswarth Abhilash Dara | Josef van Genabith | Qun Liu | John Judge | Antonio Toral

Pdf Export Search TLAXCALA: a multilingual corpus of independent news
[L14-1093]: Antonio Toral

Pdf Export Search Quality Estimation for Synthetic Parallel Data Generation
[L14-1625]: Raphael Rubino | Antonio Toral | Nikola Ljubešić | Gema Ramírez-Sánchez

Pdf Export Search caWaC - A web corpus of Catalan and its application to language modeling and machine translation
[L14-1647]: Nikola Ljubešić | Antonio Toral

Pdf Export Search Abu-MaTran at WMT 2014 Translation Task: Two-step Data Selection and RBMT-Style Synthetic Rules
[W14-3319]: Raphael Rubino | Antonio Toral | Víctor M. Sánchez-Cartagena | Jorge Ferrández-Tordera | Sergio Ortiz Rojas | Gema Ramírez-Sánchez | Felipe Sánchez-Martínez | Andy Way


Pdf Export Search A Web Application for the Diagnostic Evaluation of Machine Translation over Specific Linguistic Phenomena
[N13-3005]: Antonio Toral | Sudip Kumar Naskar | Joris Vreeke | Federico Gaspari | Declan Groves

Pdf Export Search The CNGL-DCU-Prompsit Translation Systems for WMT13
[W13-2227]: Raphael Rubino | Antonio Toral | Santiago Cortés Vaíllo | Jun Xie | Xiaofeng Wu | Stephen Doherty | Qun Liu

Pdf Export Search Hybrid Selection of Language Model Training Data Using Linguistic Information and Perplexity
[W13-2803]: Antonio Toral


Pdf Export Search Language Resources Factory: case study on the acquisition of Translation Memories
[E12-2001]: Marc Poch | Antonio Toral | Núria Bel

Pdf Export Search Towards a User-Friendly Platform for Building Language Resources based on Web Services
[L12-1305]: Marc Poch | Antonio Toral | Olivier Hamon | Valeria Quochi | Núria Bel

Pdf Export Search A Diagnostic Evaluation Approach Targeting MT Systems for Indian Languages
[W12-5606]: Renu Balyan | Sudip Kumar Naskar | Antonio Toral | Niladri Chatterjee

Pdf Export Search Topic Modeling-based Domain Adaptation for System Combination
[W12-5705]: Tsuyoshi Okita | Antonio Toral | Josef van Genabith

Pdf Export Search Simple and Effective Parameter Tuning for Domain Adaptation of Statistical Machine Translation
[C12-1135]: Pavel Pecina | Antonio Toral | Josef Genabith


Pdf Export Search An Open-Source Finite State Morphological Transducer for Modern Standard Arabic
[W11-4417]: Mohammed Attia | Pavel Pecina | Antonio Toral | Lamia Tounsi | Josef Genabith


Pdf Export Search An Automatically Built Named Entity Lexicon for Arabic
[L10-1548]: Mohammed Attia | Antonio Toral | Lamia Tounsi | Monica Monachini | Josef van Genabith

Pdf Export Search Automatic Extraction of Arabic Multiword Expressions
[W10-3704]: Mohammed Attia | Antonio Toral | Lamia Tounsi | Pavel Pecina | Josef Genabith


Pdf Export Search A Study on Linking Wikipedia Categories to Wordnet Synsets using Text Similarity
[R09-1080]: Antonio Toral | Óscar Ferrández | Eneko Agirre | Rafael Muñoz

Pdf Export Search SemEval-2010 Task 17: All-words Word Sense Disambiguation on a Specific Domain
[W09-2420]: Eneko Agirre | Oier Lopez de Lacalle | Christiane Fellbaum | Andrea Marchetti | Antonio Toral | Piek Vossen


Pdf Export Search Named Entity WordNet
[L08-1052]: Antonio Toral | Rafael Muñoz | Monica Monachini

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Natural Language Tools for Italian: EVALITA 2007
[L08-1357]: Bernardo Magnini | Amedeo Cappelli | Fabio Tamburini | Cristina Bosco | Alessandro Mazzei | Vincenzo Lombardo | Francesca Bertagna | Nicoletta Calzolari | Antonio Toral | Valentina Bartalesi Lenzi | Rachele Sprugnoli | Manuela Speranza

Pdf Export Search More Semantic Links in the SIMPLE-CLIPS Database
[L08-1556]: Nilda Ruimy | Antonio Toral

Pdf Export Search Simple-Clips ongoing research: more information with less data by implementing inheritance
[L08-1557]: Riccardo Del Gratta | Nilda Ruimy | Antonio Toral


Pdf Export Search A proposal to automatically build and maintain gazetteers for Named Entity Recognition by using Wikipedia
[W06-2809]: Antonio Toral | Rafael Muñoz