Pdf Export Search Di-LSTM Contrast : A Deep Neural Network for Metaphor Detection
[W18-0914]: Krishnkant Swarnkar | Anil Kumar Singh

Pdf Export Search IIT (BHU) System for Indo-Aryan Language Identification (ILI) at VarDial 2018
[W18-3921]: Divyanshu Gupta | Gourav Dhakad | Jayprakash Gupta | Anil Kumar Singh


Pdf Export Search Experiments on Morphological Reinflection: CoNLL-2017 Shared Task
[K17-2007]: Akhilesh Sudhakar | Anil Kumar Singh

Pdf Export Search IIT (BHU): System Description for LSDSem'17 Shared Task
[W17-0912]: Pranav Goel | Anil Kumar Singh


Pdf Export Search IIT (BHU) Submission on the CoNLL-2016 Shared Task: Shallow Discourse Parsing using Semantic Lexicons
[K16-2015]: Manpreet Kaur | Nishu Kumari | Anil Kumar Singh | Rajeev Sangal

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Natural Language Processing
[W16-6300]: Dipti Misra Sharma | Rajeev Sangal | Anil Kumar Singh


Pdf Export Search A corpus of post-edited translations (Un corpus d’erreurs de traduction) [in French]
[F13-2028]: Guillaume Wisniewski | Anil Kumar Singh | Natalia Segal | François Yvon

Pdf Export Search LIMSI Submission for the WMT’13 Quality Estimation Task: an Experiment with N-Gram Posteriors
[W13-2250]: Anil Kumar Singh | Guillaume Wisniewski | François Yvon


Pdf Export Search A GUI to Detect and Correct Errors in Hindi Dependency Treebank
[L12-1439]: Rahul Agarwal | Bharat Ram Ambati | Anil Kumar Singh

Pdf Export Search A Concise Query Language with Search and Transform Operations for Corpora with Multiple Levels of Annotation
[L12-1551]: Anil Kumar Singh


Pdf Export Search An Integrated Digital Tool for Accessing Language Resources
[L10-1024]: Anil Kumar Singh | Bharat Ram Ambati

Pdf Export Search Grammar Extraction from Treebanks for Hindi and Telugu
[L10-1590]: Prasanth Kolachina | Sudheer Kolachina | Anil Kumar Singh | Samar Husain | Viswanath Naidu | Rajeev Sangal | Aksar Bharati


Pdf Export Search Modeling Letter-to-Phoneme Conversion as a Phrase Based Statistical Machine Translation Problem with Minimum Error Rate Training
[N09-3016]: Taraka Rama | Anil Kumar Singh | Sudheer Kolachina

Pdf Export Search From Bag of Languages to Family Trees From Noisy Corpus
[R09-1064]: Taraka Rama | Anil Kumar Singh


Pdf Export Search A More Discerning and Adaptable Multilingual Transliteration Mechanism for Indian Languages
[I08-1009]: Harshit Surana | Anil Kumar Singh

Pdf Export Search A Mechanism to Provide Language-Encoding Support and an NLP Friendly Editor
[I08-2141]: Anil Kumar Singh

Pdf Export Search Natural Language Processing for Less Privileged Languages: Where do we come from? Where are we going?
[I08-3004]: Anil Kumar Singh

Pdf Export Search Named Entity Recognition for South and South East Asian Languages: Taking Stock
[I08-5003]: Anil Kumar Singh

Pdf Export Search Estimating the Resource Adaption Cost from a Resource Rich Language to a Similar Resource Poor Language
[L08-1067]: Anil Kumar Singh | Kiran Pala | Harshit Surana


Pdf Export Search Can Corpus Based Measures be Used for Comparative Study of Languages?
[W07-1306]: Anil Kumar Singh | Harshit Surana


Pdf Export Search Study of Some Distance Measures for Language and Encoding Identification
[W06-1109]: Anil Kumar Singh


Pdf Export Search Comparison, Selection and Use of Sentence Alignment Algorithms for New Language Pairs
[W05-0816]: Anil Kumar Singh | Samar Husain