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Pdf Export Search Presentation Matrix Factorization with Knowledge Graph Propagation for Unsupervised Spoken Language Understanding
[P15-1047]: Yun-Nung Chen | William Yang Wang | Anatole Gershman | Alexander Rudnicky

Pdf Export Search Dataset Automatic Keyword Extraction on Twitter
[P15-2105]: Luis Marujo | Wang Ling | Isabel Trancoso | Chris Dyer | Alan W Black | Anatole Gershman | David Martins de Matos | João Neto | Jaime Carbonell

Pdf Export Search Extending a Single-Document Summarizer to Multi-Document: a Hierarchical Approach
[S15-1020]: Luis Marujo | Ricardo Ribeiro | David Martins de Matos | João Neto | Anatole Gershman | Jaime Carbonell


Pdf Export Search Resources for the Detection of Conventionalized Metaphors in Four Languages
[L14-1387]: Lori Levin | Teruko Mitamura | Brian MacWhinney | Davida Fromm | Jaime Carbonell | Weston Feely | Robert Frederking | Anatole Gershman | Carlos Ramirez

Pdf Export Search Metaphor Detection with Cross-Lingual Model Transfer
[P14-1024]: Yulia Tsvetkov | Leonid Boytsov | Anatole Gershman | Eric Nyberg | Chris Dyer


Pdf Export Search Cross-Lingual Metaphor Detection Using Common Semantic Features
[W13-0906]: Yulia Tsvetkov | Elena Mukomel | Anatole Gershman


Pdf Export Search Recognition of Named-Event Passages in News Articles
[C12-3041]: Luis Marujo | Wang Ling | Anatole Gershman | Jaime Carbonell | João P. Neto | David Matos

Pdf Export Search Supervised Topical Key Phrase Extraction of News Stories using Crowdsourcing, Light Filtering and Co-reference Normalization
[L12-1389]: Luís Marujo | Anatole Gershman | Jaime Carbonell | Robert Frederking | João P. Neto


Pdf Export Search CONE: Metrics for Automatic Evaluation of Named Entity Co-Reference Resolution
[W10-2420]: Bo Lin | Rushin Shah | Robert Frederking | Anatole Gershman