Pdf Export Search Towards error annotation in a learner corpus of Portuguese
[W16-6502]: Iria del Río | Sandra Antunes | Amália Mendes | Maarten Janssen


Pdf Export Search Towards a Unified Approach to Modality Annotation in Portuguese
[W15-0301]: Luciana Beatrix Ávila | Amália Mendes | Iris Hendrickx


Pdf Export Search An evaluation of the role of statistical measures and frequency for MWE identification
[L14-1135]: Sandra Antunes | Amália Mendes

Pdf Export Search The Gulf of Guinea Creole Corpora
[L14-1376]: Tjerk Hagemeijer | Michel Généreux | Iris Hendrickx | Amália Mendes | Abigail Tiny | Armando Zamora


Pdf Export Search MWE in Portuguese: Proposal for a Typology for Annotation in Running Text
[W13-1013]: Sandra Antunes | Amália Mendes

Pdf Export Search Annotating the Interaction between Focus and Modality: the case of exclusive particles
[W13-2328]: Amália Mendes | Iris Hendrickx | Agostinho Salgueiro | Luciana Ávila


Pdf Export Search Introducing the Reference Corpus of Contemporary Portuguese Online
[L12-1143]: Michel Généreux | Iris Hendrickx | Amália Mendes

Pdf Export Search Modality in Text: a Proposal for Corpus Annotation
[L12-1288]: Iris Hendrickx | Amália Mendes | Silvia Mencarelli


Pdf Export Search Complex Predicates Annotation in a Corpus of Portuguese
[W10-1812]: Iris Hendrickx | Amália Mendes | Sílvia Pereira | Anabela Gonçalves | Inês Duarte

Pdf Export Search Proposal for MWE Annotation in Running Text
[W10-1822]: Iris Hendrickx | Amália Mendes | Sandra Antunes


Pdf Export Search Providing On-line Access to Portuguese Language Resources: Corpora and Lexicons
[L04-1190]: Maria Fernanda Bacelar do Nascimento | Amália Mendes | Luísa Pereira