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Pdf Export Search TextImager as a Generic Interface to R
[E17-3005]: Tolga Uslu | Wahed Hemati | Alexander Mehler | Daniel Baumartz


Pdf Export Search On the Linearity of Semantic Change: Investigating Meaning Variation via Dynamic Graph Models
[P16-2009]: Steffen Eger | Alexander Mehler

Pdf Export Search Text2voronoi: An Image-driven Approach to Differential Diagnosis
[W16-3212]: Alexander Mehler | Tolga Uslu | Wahed Hemati

Pdf Export Search Language classification from bilingual word embedding graphs
[C16-1331]: Steffen Eger | Armin Hoenen | Alexander Mehler

Pdf Export Search TextImager: a Distributed UIMA-based System for NLP
[C16-2013]: Wahed Hemati | Tolga Uslu | Alexander Mehler


Pdf Export Search Towards Semantic Language Classification: Inducing and Clustering Semantic Association Networks from Europarl
[S15-1014]: Steffen Eger | Niko Schenk | Alexander Mehler

Pdf Export Search Lexicon-assisted tagging and lemmatization in Latin: A comparison of six taggers and two lemmatization models
[W15-3716]: Tim vor der Brück | Steffen Eger | Alexander Mehler


Pdf Export Search ColLex.en: Automatically Generating and Evaluating a Full-form Lexicon for English
[L14-1075]: Tim vor der Brück | Alexander Mehler | Zahurul Islam


Pdf Export Search Customization of the Europarl Corpus for Translation Studies
[L12-1424]: Zahurul Islam | Alexander Mehler

Pdf Export Search Text Readability Classification of Textbooks of a Low-Resource Language
[Y12-1059]: Zahurul Islam | Alexander Mehler | Rashedur Rahman


Pdf Export Search Computational Linguistics for Mere Mortals - Powerful but Easy-to-use Linguistic Processing for Scientists in the Humanities
[L10-1352]: Rüdiger Gleim | Alexander Mehler

Pdf Export Search The Ariadne System: A Flexible and Extensible Framework for the Modeling and Storage of Experimental Data in the Humanities.
[L10-1501]: Peter Menke | Alexander Mehler


Pdf Export Search eHumanities Desktop - An Online System for Corpus Management and Analysis in Support of Computing in the Humanities
[E09-2006]: Rüdiger Gleim | Ulli Waltinger | Alexandra Ernst | Alexander Mehler | Tobias Feith | Dietmar Esch


Pdf Export Search Towards a Reference Corpus of Web Genres for the Evaluation of Genre Identification Systems
[L08-1048]: Georg Rehm | Marina Santini | Alexander Mehler | Pavel Braslavski | Rüdiger Gleim | Andrea Stubbe | Svetlana Symonenko | Mirko Tavosanis | Vedrana Vidulin

Pdf Export Search A Unified Database of Dependency Treebanks: Integrating, Quantifying & Evaluating Dependency Data
[L08-1152]: Olga Pustylnikov | Alexander Mehler | Rüdiger Gleim


Pdf Export Search Correlations in the Organization of Large-Scale Syntactic Dependency Networks
[W07-0210]: Ramon Ferrer i Cancho | Alexander Mehler | Olga Pustylnikov | Albert Diaz-Guilera

Pdf Export Search Web-based Annotation of Anaphoric Relations and Lexical Chains
[W07-1523]: Maik Stührenberg | Daniela Goecke | Nils Diewald | Alexander Mehler | Irene Cramer


Pdf Export Search Text Linkage in the Wiki Medium - A Comparative Study
[W06-2801]: Alexander Mehler


Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Orderings of Textual Units
[C02-1063]: Alexander Mehler