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Pdf Export Search DialCrowd: A toolkit for easy dialog system assessment
[W18-5028]: Kyusong Lee | Tiancheng Zhao | Alan W Black | Maxine Eskenazi

Pdf Export Search An Empirical Study of Self-Disclosure in Spoken Dialogue Systems
[W18-5030]: Abhilasha Ravichander | Alan W Black

Pdf Export Search Note Style Transfer Through Back-Translation
[P18-1080]: Shrimai Prabhumoye | Yulia Tsvetkov | Ruslan Salakhutdinov | Alan W Black


Pdf Export Search Linguistic Markers of Influence in Informal Interactions
[W17-2908]: Shrimai Prabhumoye | Samridhi Choudhary | Evangelia Spiliopoulou | Christopher Bogart | Carolyn Rose | Alan W Black


Pdf Export Search Polyglot Neural Language Models: A Case Study in Cross-Lingual Phonetic Representation Learning
[N16-1161]: Yulia Tsvetkov | Sunayana Sitaram | Manaal Faruqui | Guillaume Lample | Patrick Littell | David Mortensen | Alan W Black | Lori Levin | Chris Dyer

Pdf Export Search A Wizard-of-Oz Study on A Non-Task-Oriented Dialog Systems That Reacts to User Engagement
[W16-3608]: Zhou Yu | Leah Nicolich-Henkin | Alan W Black | Alexander Rudnicky

Pdf Export Search Initiations and Interruptions in a Spoken Dialog System
[W16-3618]: Leah Nicolich-Henkin | Carolyn Rose | Alan W Black

Pdf Export Search Strategy and Policy Learning for Non-Task-Oriented Conversational Systems
[W16-3649]: Zhou Yu | Ziyu Xu | Alan W Black | Alexander Rudnicky


Pdf Export Search Not All Contexts Are Created Equal: Better Word Representations with Variable Attention
[D15-1161]: Wang Ling | Yulia Tsvetkov | Silvio Amir | Ramon Fermandez | Chris Dyer | Alan W Black | Isabel Trancoso | Chu-Cheng Lin

Pdf Export Search Attachment Finding Function in Form: Compositional Character Models for Open Vocabulary Word Representation
[D15-1176]: Wang Ling | Chris Dyer | Alan W Black | Isabel Trancoso | Ramon Fermandez | Silvio Amir | Luis Marujo | Tiago Luis

Pdf Export Search Two/Too Simple Adaptations of Word2Vec for Syntax Problems
[N15-1142]: Wang Ling | Chris Dyer | Alan W Black | Isabel Trancoso

Pdf Export Search Dataset Automatic Keyword Extraction on Twitter
[P15-2105]: Luis Marujo | Wang Ling | Isabel Trancoso | Chris Dyer | Alan W Black | Anatole Gershman | David Martins de Matos | João Neto | Jaime Carbonell

Pdf Export Search An Incremental Turn-Taking Model with Active System Barge-in for Spoken Dialog Systems
[W15-4606]: Tiancheng Zhao | Alan W Black | Maxine Eskenazi

[W15-4630]: Maxine Eskenazi | Alan W Black | Sungjin Lee | David Traum


Pdf Export Search Crowdsourcing High-Quality Parallel Data Extraction from Twitter
[W14-3356]: Wang Ling | Luis Marujo | Chris Dyer | Alan W Black | Isabel Trancoso


Pdf Export Search Paraphrasing 4 Microblog Normalization
[D13-1008]: Wang Ling | Chris Dyer | Alan W Black | Isabel Trancoso


Pdf Export Search Future Directions in Spoken Dialog Systems: A Community of Possibilities
[W12-1810]: Alan W Black | Maxine Eskenazi


Pdf Export Search Spoken Dialog Challenge 2010: Comparison of Live and Control Test Results
[W11-2002]: Alan W Black | Susanne Burger | Alistair Conkie | Helen Hastie | Simon Keizer | Oliver Lemon | Nicolas Merigaud | Gabriel Parent | Gabriel Schubiner | Blaise Thomson | Jason D. Williams | Kai Yu | Steve Young | Maxine Eskenazi


Pdf Export Search Learning Pronunciation Dictionaries: Language Complexity and Word Selection Strategies
[N06-1030]: John Kominek | Alan W Black


Pdf Export Search Speechalator: Two-Way Speech-to-Speech Translation in Your Hand
[N03-4015]: Alex Waibel | Ahmed Badran | Alan W Black | Robert Frederking | Donna Gates | Alon Lavie | Lori Levin | Kevin Lenzo | Laura Mayfield Tomokiyo | Juergen Reichert | Tanja Schultz | Dorcas Wallace | Monika Woszczyna | Jing Zhang


Pdf Export Search Evaluation and collection of proper name pronunciations online.
[L02-1104]: Ariadna Font Llitjós | Alan W Black

Pdf Export Search Field Testing the Tongues Speech-to-Speech Machine Translation System.
[L02-1262]: Robert E. Frederking | Alan W Black | Ralf D. Brown | John Moody | Eric Steinbrecher


Pdf Export Search CHATR: a generic speech synthesis system
[C94-2158]: Alan W Black | Paul Taylor


Pdf Export Search Embedding DRT in a Situation Theoretic Framework
[C92-4175]: Alan W Black


Pdf Export Search Analysis of Unknown Words through Morphological Decomposition
[E91-1018]: Alan W Black | Joke van de Plassche | Briony Williams