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Pdf Export Search A Random Walk–Based Model for Identifying Semantic Orientation
[J14-3003]: Ahmed Hassan | Amjad Abu-Jbara | Wanchen Lu | Dragomir Radev


Pdf Export Search Identifying Web Search Query Reformulation using Concept based Matching
[D13-1102]: Ahmed Hassan


Pdf Export Search Detecting Subgroups in Online Discussions by Modeling Positive and Negative Relations among Participants
[D12-1006]: Ahmed Hassan | Amjad Abu-Jbara | Dragomir Radev

Pdf Export Search AttitudeMiner: Mining Attitude from Online Discussions
[N12-3009]: Amjad Abu-Jbara | Ahmed Hassan | Dragomir Radev

Pdf Export Search Workshop Proceedings of TextGraphs-7: Graph-based Methods for Natural Language Processing
[W12-4100]: Irina Matveeva | Ahmed Hassan | Gael Dias

Pdf Export Search Extracting Signed Social Networks from Text
[W12-4102]: Ahmed Hassan | Amjad Abu-Jbara | Dragomir Radev


Pdf Export Search Identifying the Semantic Orientation of Foreign Words
[P11-2104]: Ahmed Hassan | Amjad AbuJbara | Rahul Jha | Dragomir Radev


Pdf Export Search What’s with the Attitude? Identifying Sentences with Attitude in Online Discussions
[D10-1121]: Ahmed Hassan | Vahed Qazvinian | Dragomir Radev

Pdf Export Search Identifying Text Polarity Using Random Walks
[P10-1041]: Ahmed Hassan | Dragomir R. Radev


Pdf Export Search Using Citations to Generate surveys of Scientific Paradigms
[N09-1066]: Saif Mohammad | Bonnie Dorr | Melissa Egan | Ahmed Hassan | Pradeep Muthukrishan | Vahed Qazvinian | Dragomir Radev | David Zajic


Pdf Export Search Tracking the Dynamic Evolution of Participants Salience in a Discussion
[C08-1040]: Ahmed Hassan | Anthony Fader | Michael H. Crespin | Kevin M. Quinn | Burt L. Monroe | Michael Colaresi | Dragomir R. Radev

Pdf Export Search Language Independent Text Correction using Finite State Automata
[I08-2131]: Ahmed Hassan | Sara Noeman | Hany Hassan


Pdf Export Search BioNoculars: Extracting Protein-Protein Interactions from Biomedical Text
[W07-1012]: Amgad Madkour | Kareem Darwish | Hany Hassan | Ahmed Hassan | Ossama Emam


Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Information Extraction Approach Using Graph Mutual Reinforcement
[W06-1659]: Hany Hassan | Ahmed Hassan | Ossama Emam

Pdf Export Search Graph Based Semi-Supervised Approach for Information Extraction
[W06-3802]: Hany Hassan | Ahmed Hassan | Sara Noeman